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GUEST BLOG: The Struggle Is Worth The Payoff

December In Red Band Photo 1Being in a band and being on the road is a mix of both intense highs full of reward and long days and nights of hard work, boredom, and sacrifice. The highs are undeniable releases of expression and satisfaction along with a serious camaraderie with your bandmates as well as the audience that you start to crave when you go too long without it.  The sacrifice is one of comfort, familiarity, the company of your family, cleanliness, and if you’re like me, the personal belongings that I will lose despite my declaration that “I’ve got a system down now.” Regardless of the negative aspects, the good outweighs the bad in the end. Having said that, I for one would like to see some more realistic depictions of what it’s like to be a working musician in a band when it comes to what everyone gets to see in music videos. Just think of the hilarity that we’ve been missing this whole time.

Can you imagine how much it would change the glamorous nature of a video that shows the band rolling into town and rocking the stage for a packed house full of fans if they included all of the least glamorous elements of life on the road for a touring band? You’d have Tommy Lee shitting and shaving in a gas station bathroom leading up to the backstage high fives right before they make their entrance all pumped up and ready to rock. The biggest acts out there don’t spend as much road time roughing it but most of us are going to be clinging to our baby wipes and looking forward to getting all the way to sleep while cramped up in a vehicle full of dudes. A band really killing it and having the time of their lives could be right before or after them changing a trailer tire on the side of the road. The entertainment factor for me would be multiplied several times over to have some shots of a drunken chick grabbing a shirt from the merch area and running off only to reappear later wearing the shirt (Beckley, WV), or a guy offering to pay a discounted price for a stolen mug while still drinking from it (OKC). These things happen! They make for great stories to tell and the realism that it would add would only make the full-on rock so much more endearing to the viewer. Without sarcasm, I believe that something could be gained by showing all aspects of what a band does while they are at work than what we are used to seeing.

The point of this is mainly for a hopefully fun read but the sentiment is absolutely genuine. While every day might not be a zinger and you may have to wear flip flops in the shower, the unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships that are made in the process can be worth it in the end.

This excellent guest blog was brought to you by Del McGeachy, the lead vocalist of Seattle’s fast-rising metal/rock quartet December In Red. With a sound described as A Perfect Circle meets Deftones, the band’s new album “The Way Out” – released in March via CaviGold Records – is set to make big waves throughout 2015. Check out the music video for the third track “Send Me A Postcard” below and if you like what you hear, you can purchase a CD here.

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