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GUEST BLOG: Touring Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Night Riots PromoWe will start with what is, for some, the most important touring tip of them all.

1. Bring some nice noise-cancelling headphones on tour. 
I can’t stress how important this is for your sanity. There is no privacy when you are on the road. Typically you go to sleep in a room full of your band members and then you wake up to a room full of your band members. On tour you will be eating together, sitting in a vehicle for long hours of the day together, waiting in police station holding cells together…etc. I guarantee you there are going to be times when you want your own head space and that is when you pop in the headphones. It will cancel out conversations you don’t want to hear, off-pitch road trip songs, snoring at night, and anything else that can take up your auditory real estate. I recommend downloading audio books or subscribing to some kind of music streaming service.

2. Touring can be a stinky affair.
There are two products that can make the difference between nuclear annihilation and a breath of gentle spring air. Pick up some Febreeze and Gold Bond or any product of the like. Spray Febreeze all up in those dirty chonies you have been wearing for the last 3 days and put some Gold Bond in those thrift store cowboy boots you bought. Spare us the stench please! Fans don’t like the funk, and your band members don’t dig that funk.

3. Always keep a cache of snacks on hand and try not to be too unhealthy about it.
You need your energy to work, plus getting an upset stomach while on the road is a hassle. Meal times are often sporadic or non existent. There have been plenty of days that we didn’t get to eat our first meal until 5pm or so. Also be sure to keep water on board at all times. We typically each have a smaller water bottle that we refill for our own backpack and then a couple of gallon jugs for the van that we pick up at gas stations or grocery stores whenever we stop.

I recommend nuts. There are some bigger grocery stores that have dispensers containing all kinds of dried fruits and nuts. Invest in a big bag (maybe a pound or so) of some kind of mix that you like. Depending on how much you eat, that bag of goodies will probably save your butt a few times and last for a week. You can see us all starving and stinky here in our newest music video.

Our new album [Howl] comes out January 20th. Thanks for reading.

Rico Rodriguez is the drummer for SoCal’s hot new “gloom pop” quintet Night Riots. The band’s new EP, titled Howl, will be released on January 20 via Sumerian Records. You can pre-order it now through iTunes or Sumerian’s official merch store. Check out the music video for the opening track “Oh My Heart” below.

Keep up with Night Riots via social media: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 

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