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GWAR Frontman David “Oderus Urungus” Brockie Dead At 50

oderusAfter more than 43 billion years of metal and mayhem, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus has finally found a way to die. The mightiest warrior in the cosmos did not die in an epic battle, however. Urungus was stricken down by the death of the man behind the cuttlefish, David Brockie. He was 50-years old.

Brockie’s body was found by a band mate in his Richmond home Sunday, March 24. An official cause of death has yet to be ruled. A full autopsy will be performed to determine a precise cause of death.

“It is with a saddened heart, that I confirm my dear friend Dave Brockie, artist, musician, and lead singer of GWAR passed away at approximately 6:50 PM EST Sunday March 23,2014,” band manager Jack Flanagan said in the official statement from the band. “His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his home in Richmond, VA. Richmond authorities have confirmed his death and next of kin has been notified. A full autopsy will be performed.

“My main focus right now is to look after my band mates and his family. More information regarding his death shall be released as the details are confirmed.”

Brockie, originally of Ottawa, Canada, founded the outlandish metal group in Richmond, Virginia in 1984. The group first performed as Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh, a band formed only to open for Brockie’s original band, Death Piggy but after a short time, and a shortening of the name, it was noticed by Brockie and the rest of the band that more people were staying only to see Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh and leaving before Death Piggy took the stage. As a result, Death Piggy was phased out and newly formed GWAR was born.

From then on out, Brockie and GWAR began to build on a show that would eventually become the modern bloodfest it was before the time of Brockie’s sudden passing. Over the years, GWAR developed a strong and devoted following and produced 13 studio albums and 23 feature length films that corresponded with the band’s music.

As per the GWAR Mythos, the band set out to be “the sickest band in metal history” and were “the destined destroyers of not only the human race but also reality itself.” A case could be made for both statements as the group brought to audiences a show that made Alice Cooper and Rammstein look like plebeians in the art of on-stage mayhem. Often times, the group would decapitate, defile, disembowel and disfigure various religious, political and public icons ranging from the Pope to Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler to God himself.

Brockie’s official website,, has been replaced with a grey screen and the words “We’ll miss you Dave…”


Brockie is predeceased by bandmate Cory “Flattus Maximus” Smoot who passed away on the band’s tour bus in 2011.


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