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How Losing My Dad Took Me On A New Journey

em rossiAt the age of 14, I began pursuing my passion for music as a professional career. Only one year later, shortly after recording my first EP, that all changed in an instant when my father unexpectedly and suddenly passed away at the too young age of 50. It completely altered the foundation of my life and my family. Our worlds were turned upside down. I needed to step back and take much needed time off to pick up the pieces. It gave me a chance to reflect and pour myself into writing. It was a cathartic time to get out all of my emotions, fears, and thoughts.

When my mom decided we were all ready to jump back into the industry, she began forming a new team to work with. We first began working with my artist consultant and licensing manager, Evan Stein, from Experience Music Group. By now I was not only older, but I felt like a different artist. We reinvented the brand and image. Evan introduced us to my new producer, Jim McGorman. We established a great friendship and started collaborating. He helped me take my writings and turn them into amazing songs.

When I reflect back from where I started to where I am today, I remember a girl who was close to being consumed by the unknown. However, I made a choice to start a new journey and push forward. I wanted to be able to take the steps myself regardless of how scared I was and focus into what it was I loved to do the most.

These last few weeks have begun to release the hard work and emotional experiences from the last two years of my life after losing my dad. My first music video for my new single, “Earthquake,” premiered and is now Trending around the world. My producer introduced me to Kurt Zendzian of Red Zone Design. Kurt is the producer for the show, The Sessions, which airs exclusively on Comcast Xfinity On Demand Nationwide. I was invited to open for The Tenors who were taping their own show and also asked to tape my own live acoustic show premiering five of my songs.

These exciting opportunities have happened, because my mom and I decided to not give up. We could have let the negatives and fear out-weigh the possibilities, but we decided to move forward for the love that is still bound in my family and the passionate drive that is stronger than ever before. Losing my dad has opened my world to several emotional and musical challenges, but it has given me the inner strength to fight against my greatest fears and odds. Music is my dream. I will continue to pursue this dream not only for myself, but for my mom, brother, dad, Evan, Jim, Kurt and everyone else who believes and cares for me enough to work just as hard as I am to make my dream a reality.

“When the lights go out, I’ll walk through the fire alone…”

Armed with a powerful voice, 17-year-old singer/songwriter Em Rossi displays a soul-based sound and story-telling ability extraordinary in one so young. Raised in a Bay Area home filled with love, laughter, art, music and travel, Em enjoyed the support of her tight-knit family of four. She shared a special passion for music with her dad. Em’s dad, a talented amateur musician who also painted, drew and wrote in addition to being an innovative architect, was her spark plug. He encouraged his talented, but shy daughter as she began to navigate a professional career.

Em began recording in the studio at age 14. The juggling of her teenage years as a singer/songwriter with a rigorous approach to high-scoring academics has proved a powerful cathartic and a light at the end of the tunnel. Cutting an album in high school called for surreal levels of focus — Em’s particular mix of self-containment, constancy, discipline, expression, fun and focus.

Em’s jazzy, haunting vocals make listeners stop and feel. Producer Jim McGorman, known for his work with Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, and Cassadee Pope, has been working with Em on her forthcoming self-titled debut album. Deep and soulful, the album is a stunningly complex and sophisticated first release. Em weaves a unique blend of retro soul with Coldplay pop. Her compelling sound is equal parts Adele, Fiona Apple and The Fray. Fearless chords of Motown, blues and jazz resonate, enriched with a fusion of live horns and strings.

To hear more from Em, you can purchase a CD here.

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