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How Not To Give Up In The Music Industry

Mime GameOn Oct. 3, 2006, I turned 19 years old. On Oct. 4th, I signed to Warner Bros. with my band Josephine Collective. We were destined for greatness! Or so we thought… There’s a lot of work that goes into a band and maintaining the relationships within is one of the hardest parts.

Josephine had a three year long, whirlwind ride through touring with The Used, making a record with John Feldmann of Goldfinger and chasing our dreams from one end of the country to the next. We found a lot of amazing things inside ourselves in the process. The only thing that happened that we weren’t prepared for is the speed with which life hit us. We couldn’t stay 19 forever, we had to grow up. From DUI’s to deaths in the family, we saw it all tear the rug out from under us and the roof from over our heads. All the while, I was silently plugging away with Mime Game.

I’m not one to give up on my dreams so when shit hit the proverbial fan, I was ready. I found my strength and carried on. First, San Francisco with my beautiful friends. Writing and being a wino with my roommates. Trips to LA that would end up lasting weeks. Mushroom trips in Portland and rock climbing in Seattle. Seeing what the anarchists in Minneapolis lived like. Moving to Denver with a girl I thought I was in love with, only to have her break my heart and leave me more destroyed than I’ve ever been. Living in Atlanta with a guitarist who would put the fear of God in any MMA fighter and losing our drummer to The Dangerous Summer.

I scoured for musicians and I never let it wreck me. Whether it was being fueled by the beat authors of the sixties or the fact that my dad was basically a drill sergeant at my football practices for 6 years straight, I had something within me singing a comforting song of hope; a swirling, immutable fire. I knew I would drive on until I was exactly where I wanted to be. A lot of people would have done what my old bandmate did when he got his DUI. He took a job with a good salary to pay his fees and he simply walked away from music. But for those of you who have music steadily ingrained in your heartbeat and resonating in your every step, I could have given you some inspirational tripe and a pat on the back but we all know why we do this.

It’s because we love it. The thrill of being awake when the sunrises and listening back to a track you’ve been working on, bleary eyed, for the last six hours. Waking up on someone’s couch whom you’ve never met, in a strange city. To those of us who love the odd displacement because we see it as a stepping stone to our success, you don’t need my words. Just a reminder of what’s within.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

Founder of Infectious Magazine & Muddy Paw Public Relations. Lover of passion, ice cream, and books.

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  1. This really resonated with me – great article, great song.

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