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GUEST BLOG: How to Be a Rock Star (Vs. Modern Consequences)

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When rock-‘n’-roll moved mountains (not that it ever stopped, but indie is getting busier with that),  it didn’t matter what you did as a rock star. You could nearly miss your show to do lines in a derelict basement, you could drink too much and fall around on stage, or you could get into a massive mud fight with your audience. You were a god amongst men, you had no use for things such as clocks or sobriety. Unfortunately/thankfully, those days are largely over.  If you haven’t achieved god status by now (Quite difficult with Kanye staking it out), your music career would fall into internet obscurity. Here’s what rock stars can no longer pull off in today’s music industry:

Ditching Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend For the Supermodels

Well, maybe you can still pull this off. Especially if you’re as sneaky as Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) with a burrito… but that’s on you. And your conscience. All on you. Do feel guilty.

Drinking/Etc. Too Much Before and During Your Gig

Everyone’s going to hate you and boo you off-stage. Remember when the Kings of Leon vocalist drank too much and abruptly ended a show in 2011? Hopefully you don’t — no one was happy. Just remember, your fans paid to see you, which entitles them to certain expectations from your show.

A Lack of Self-Responsibility

Your label/manager/booking agent can have the “next big thing” instead of you on stage in minutes. You can’t rival Slash or Paul McCartney or [insert your favorite musician] if no one wants to deal with you showing up late and not helping out.

So much for the days of yore. So how can you be a rock star but still survive in today’s struggling industry? Put on crazy and passionate shows your fans will tell everyone about, be good to potential new fans, and make damn good music. That’s how to be a “rock star” in the modern age.

At no less than 163 beats-per-minute, The Sheens (NYC) deliver raw, foot-stomping indie rock to the New York City music scene. Known for their high-energy performances and catchy songs, they’ve stormed through venues such as Shea Stadium, Cameo Gallery, The Delancey, Cake Shop, Arlene’s Grocery, Sullivan Hall, Leftfield, Spike Hill, Matchless, and Fontana’s. They show their growing audiences a good time by reminding them what rock-‘n’-roll is supposed to feel like. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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