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How To Delete The U2 Album Off Of Your iTunes

As many of you probably noticed, there is a new album in your iTunes that you didn’t pay for and chances are you didn’t want. The album, Songs of Innocence, was released by U2 in a collaboration with apple a few days ago. However, here is the catch, instead of letting people who wanted to, buy it, they forced it upon 500,000,000 of us by putting it in our iTunes without permission. So, naturally the question everyone is asking is “How do I remove it from my account.” Yesterday apple released a one-click website that by entering your apple ID and password will delete the album from your life, or at least your iTunes.

The initial release was announced on September 9 by apple CEO Tim Cook. It was said to be “the largest album release of all time.”

You can find specific instructions on how to delete this album after the jump as well as the original release announcement.

If you so chose, you can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here for a U2 experience you actually want.

Happy deleting!

Instructions from Apple:

“To remove this album:

Go to

Click Remove Album to confirm you’d like to remove the album from your account.

Sign in with the Apple ID and password you use to buy from the iTunes Store.

You’ll see a confirmation message that the album has been removed from your account.

If you downloaded the songs to iTunes on your Mac or PC or to the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you’ll need to delete them manually.”


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