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How To Discover New Music In Your Town

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Music appToday’s music scene can be tough. The artists are plenty but the crowds are down. The music stations are plenty but it’s basically reserved for those who are already accomplished artists. When you have radio giants like Clear Channel that own most radio stations, you don’t get a lot of variety nor do you get new music. This is why it is good to get out and discover new music via sites like like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Pandora, and Facebook.  You really don’t have to dig that hard to find something you like or to even find out that GOOD MUSIC EXISTS RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

Supporting live local music is a great way to discover new bands. The shows are pretty easy to find. You can check your Facebook for local groups from where you are (ex: ours is “Peoria Shows”). Once you become a member of those groups there is a button called Events. People post their shows in that section. Scroll through them, click on the events, look at the list of the bands on the bill and usually there is a link to their page. Take a listen to the bands before you go. Find out what interests you most, and take a gamble on it. The best thing of all is local shows are cheap and you get to see a lot more bands for a more than fair price. Can’t express enough how important it is to support live local music and local record stores as well.

People think if a show isn’t in a huge convention center then there aren’t shows around. There are tons of venues that people should know about. You need to help spread word about your local venues as well. There are great venues around here in Illinois such as The Brass Rail (Peoria, IL), Black Sheep Cafe (Springfield, IL) and ERROR Records (Champaign, IL) but it’s not only those venues that exist. Basement shows here in Peoria like The Encounter, Warp Zone, and The Salty Spitoon can get crazy! If it’s happening in Peoria, it is happening near you. You just have to find it. If it simply isn’t after searching and searching, find ways to start your own.

Another thing you can do once you discover this new music/artist is spread the word. These bands can not support themselves alone. They don’t have the backing like signed artists who have big labels blasting them everywhere. The internet can be a huge help with those participating in getting word out about a band. So get out there, and start listening!

You can check out Dirt Wizard by liking them on Facebook where you can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets.


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