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If You Need One, Here’s Another Reason To Go See WALK THE MOON This Tour

10649770_10152676921032558_4275566254731560015_nMerch tables have lost a lot of their luster since online shopping came into existence. I mean, who wants to spend $60 just because you are physically at the show when you could get the same shirt online for half the price? People still do it, but the novelty is kind of gone. This is where WALK THE MOON’s brilliant idea comes in.

For each city on the TALKING IS HARD tour, there will be a different poster. So, say you go to the Portland, OR show (that was totally random, I swear) You will have a completely unique poster if you chose to buy it. Only people in Portland will have that same poster. And the novelty of the merch table is back!

WALK THE MOON just tweeted the tour poster for San Diego which you can find below!

If this doesn’t convince you to go on this tour, I don’t know what will. Not to mention, the album is pretty great. You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.


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