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Imagine Dragons Contribute New Song To ‘Transformers’ Soundtrack

imaginedragonsDirector Michael Bay has the uncanny ability of keeping his finger on the pulse of whatever people think is cool (other than having Linkin Park write a song for the first Transformers movie). This time for Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Bay got a band that is actually popular: Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons AND robots blowing stuff up? As if it wasn’t already the most anticipated movie of the summer.

It’s obviously foolish to try and predict a Michael Bay movie, but after listening to a bit of Imagine Dragons’ song (which you can do yourself after the jump) one can probably predict a number of key details about Age Of Extinction’s plot. Like … that it will probably have at least one battle. And maybe some robots will be involved. 

According to Deadline, Imagine Dragons was given early versions of a few key scenes from the film for inspiration, and then came back with the tune “Battle Cry,” which figures into several sequences of the movie.

Aside from writing songs for blockbuster movies, Imagine Dragons is also heading out on tour this summer. You can check out tour dates and buy concert tickets here. And to hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

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