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Indie Band Refuses Pitiful McDonalds Offer (UPDATED)

ExCops_Shot1Small_ChristianLarsen-610x350If you haven’t heard, proud indie band Ex Cops recently refused a pathetic offer by Mcdonalds to basically be sponsored without getting paid a single dime.



Originally posted 3/5/15

This past week the band was offered to play the Mcdonalds showcase at the SXSW festival. Sounds compelling, but as quoted on the status, the sad excuse for a business couldn’t even offer them any pay. Instead, they were offered to be payed in possible exposure (key word, possible). Could you even imagine yourself in that scenario? A 90 billion dollar corporation asks you personally, to work for free. McDonalds completely devalues all of what artists have worked their entire lives for with their disgraceful request.

“McDonald’s assures us that we will “be featured on screens throughout the event, as well as POSSIBLY mentioned on McDonald’s social media accounts like Facebook (57MM likes!)” The offer as quoted on sounds oh so reassuring, but as Ex Cops mentioned on their facebook, it was a “pathetic attempts to achieve relevance with millenials.”

In comparison, Brian’s open letter also mentioned how a small, independent venue in Brooklyn paid them better than the corporation would have.

“We recently headlined a show at the Brooklyn venue Baby’s Alright. They are by no means a DIY venue, but they are still an independent small business. The owners are people our age who used to book shows at Pianos and busted their asses to open a venue of their own in Brooklyn. While I haven’t asked Billy or Zach how much they make annually (that would be weird) I’m going to guess they’re not looking at brownstones in Prospect Park at the moment. Yet when we played, we were paid very very fairly, were provided with drink tickets, and each band member fed a full entree from their menu (try the Brussels sprouts)”

That within itself speaks volumes on how music should treated, at the very least. Watch out Mcdonalds, your competitors do not even match half your revenue, but they sure make up for it in the support and worth that artists of today deserve.


McDonald’s Global Media Relations director Becca Hary responded with the following:

We follow the same standard protocol as other Brands and sponsors by inviting talented and emerging musicians to join us at the SXSW Festival. We look forward to serving McDonald’s food, drinks and fun in Austin. #slownewsday

Oh, so it’s officially “standard protocol” to reduce bands to trash with no compensation whatsoever? Musicians are only billboards to you, oh holy McDonalds? Instead of issuing an apology, you come out with this, and a whiny hashtag? Unbelievable.

The full open letter by Brian on the Ex Cops Facebook page speaks entirely for itself. You can read that here.

You can support the band Ex Cops by buying a CD or concert tickets here.

You can find out more about the venue Baby’s Alright here.

You will be able to support every great artist that has ever lived by refusing to buy at any McDonalds location as referenced here.

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