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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Daniel Møller (Music You Wanna Listen To)

Music You Wanna Listen ToThis week we interview the man behind electronic music blog, Music You Wanna Listen To. And believe me, they aren’t joking. With introductions to up and coming artists on a weekly, if not daily basis, MYWLT is the go-to blog for electronic fans everywhere. Check out our interview with founder Daniel Møller below, and support MYWLT by liking them on Facebook and following on Twitter

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

I am well, thank you for asking.

How did you first get involved in the music industry?

I don’t see myself being part of the music industry as MYWLT is my hobby and not a job. The day I sign a contract where I can make a living with something related to music, I would accept being part of the music industry. In terms of making music, I bought a guitar when I was in high school, but never really learned to play on it. After high school I had a gap year and a friend introduced me to music producing software and I started to play around with Ableton just for fun. 

Can you tell me how Music You Wanna Listen To came to be?

After the gap year I started attending business school and eventually found myself bored reading a lot of books. I had a need to contribute with something that could help other people and I could not achieve that just by reading business literature. I decided to create MYWLT to share new music by lesser known and unsigned artists, but also new music by some of my personal favourites.

You focus on electronic music, correct? Was there ever the consideration to include other genres, or was it always that one?

That is correct. I focus on electronic music, but occasionally a hip hop, pop or indie track sneaks in there as well. Electronic music is so broad and diverse, with so many sub-genres, so there is something for everyone to be found in that spectrum. I don’t intend including music that has no relation to electronic music.

What are your personal top 5 artists?

That is a tough question to ask a music blogger 😉

My personal top 5 does change from time to time, although some artists have stayed on the list longer than others. Currently my top 5 include (in random order): Tom Misch, Late Night Alumni, Kaskade, Louis Futon, and Matt Dimona.

You mention on your site that you don’t do in-depth reviews or long discussions. What led to that decision?

It was a time issue. I decided that I wanted to post something every single day to the blog, so that decision meant I did not have time to make long reviews. I am also a great believer in the phrase “Let The Music Speak”, because in the end it’s the listener who decides if it’s good or bad music, not the reviewer.

What is it that you think makes MYWLT stand out from other music blogs?

I don’t make any money from this and I am not incentivised to blog about certain artists. That means I can do whatever I want, blog about the music I like and help people discover music by artists who do not have a marketing budget or a PR firm helping them to promote.

You make note of saying you’ve never made a cent off the site and any money made via Fluence is donated to Nordoff Robbins or Charity:Water. What made you decide to go this route, and specifically choose those organizations?

I decided to charge a minimal amount for feedback via Fluence, so people submitting via this system are guaranteed to get my feedback (unlike if they submit via email). Fluence has an option to donate directly to those two organisations. I think they both represent good causes and since I see blogging as a hobby, I prefer that the tiny amount I generate on Fluence is donated.

As a blogger myself, I know how swamped blogs can get with submissions. What can bands/publicists/labels do to ensure you check out their music/to make your life easier when submitting?

Keep it short and crisp. I receive too many emails with page up and down with backstories and how the track came to be (which is all fair and fine). However, when going over these emails I first and foremost want to listen to the music. Sometimes it can be hard to even find the link and sometimes it is not even included (weirdly enough). If you are submitting your music, think about what matters and be selective. If I want more info from you or your band, I’ll reply and let you know. Also, sending more than one follow-up email does not help.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of starting a blog, or joining an existing blog’s team?

If you are considering starting a blog, choose a subject that really interests you. It can be hard to determine that when you start out and if the interest will last, but it will take some time until people discover your blog, therefore commitment and interest is important. I started MYWLT as a blog just for myself, which helped me stay motivated and interested in the subject. Even if nobody visits your blog in the beginning, think of it as good opportunity for practice. Having a lot of content and showing your commitment will also help you join existing blog teams or blog networks.

What’s in the future for MYWLT?

For now the blog will continue as it always has, but as it is with hobbies, I will eventually have to evaluate if I have the time to post something every day.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Feel free to check out MYWLT, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter or Hype Machine.

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