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7234896Infectious Magazine’s staff writer Kerry, recently got in touch with Youngstown, Ohio’s own hard rock group, Alteras. While just starting out on a huge summer tour, Infectious Magazine also got the insight into the early development and dream of the band, life on tour and the music scene of Youngstown, Ohio. Check out the full conversation below!

Check out the full conversation below and make sure to purchase Alteras debut album Grief  here!

Infectious Magazine : Tell us a little bit about the beginnings of Alteras, as you guys just formed back in 2011. How did this dream of music and being in a band come to fruition?
Alteras : Jake was on a spirit quest back in 2011, he knew he wanted to create the best band in the world. It only took him around 5 years to find the best members. Mike and Zack have been playing in bands together since they were 12, and Seth was a clear choice for drums.
Infectious Magazine : Alteras is described as a hard rock/metal band. Is there a huge hard rock scene in Youngstown? How easy or difficult was it to get noticed in this scene?
A : Currently the scene in Youngstown is growing and very diverse, which we love! At any given show we play at home, we will have a pop punk band, a metal core band, a rapper, etc. Coming from Youngstown is something we are very proud of, we shout it on every stage, but it was difficult to get noticed.
IM : As a young and up and coming band, what would be your advice to anyone just starting out in music? 
A : Never give up. This career path is by no means easy, and you’ll be tested almost every day. Practice and believe in what you’re doing, because others will see that passion and follow the belief you have in what you’re doing. We have a lot of good stories with our label, and it helps to have a label that is down to earth and just all around good people!
IM: Congrats on the release of your debut album Grief, that is a huge accomplishment in the music industry. Can you tell us a bit about the album and maybe highlight some favorite songs that were enjoyable to create?
A : Thank you very much! We couldn’t be happier to release something so honest and transparent. The album didn’t start out as a concept, it actually took that form while in the studio. “Grief” basically takes you through the stages of the grieving process, from the shock factor all the way to acceptance. With our deluxe version, you actually get bonus acoustic tracks that you can only hear via the deluxe version!
IM: Currently, you guys are preparing for a great summer tour. Most bands bring their essentials, but are there any special items you bring along on the road? 
Zack: “Bring a shit ton of boxers, cuz it gets gross on the road.”
Seth: “My Nike tennis shoes, because a Planet Fitness yelled at me for not wearing the right shoes one time.”
Jake: “Beanies.”
Mike: “My ‘HIM’ discography.”
IM: Any unique stories and experiences from being on tour?
A : One time we played a show in NJ, and it got shut down by a task force. NJ swat busted in right after our set with dogs and wanted to confiscate everything in the building. We managed to talk to them and get all our gear and merch out without a problem.
IM: Any favorite cities you have previously played in or wish to play in on future tours?
A :  Youngstown, New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, have all been great to us to name a few. We would love to hit Florida, and California (within the states). Mexico, Canada, UK, everywhere haha.
IM : Heading out to support Awake At Last and previously opening for various bands in the scene like Palisades and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus must be super exciting. But,if you guys could design a dream lineup for a tour, who would you love to travel with?
A:  It would have to be Freddie Mercury’s revival tour, with special guest: Dio. Beyonce would be direct support as she fronts KISS, followed by Blackbear performing all of our songs.
IM : At Infectious Magazine, we love to dive into artists that inspired bands, and we tend to curate playlists from our staff and artists. Are there any bands or musicians that would stick out as milestones for your lives as inspirations?
A: Underoath, Bring Me the Horizon, Dave Grohl, Armor for Sleep, Thursday, August Burns Red, and HIM just to name a few.
IM : Last words for our readers and fans?
A : Thank you very much for having us! Catch us while we’re on the road, and be sure to follow/subscribe to us via all social media! We have a lot more coming your way soon so keep an eye out!

Keep up with Alteras via social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) and check out their summer tour dates here!

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