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On the road to Seattle for their current tour with Knuckle PuckMovements’  bassist Austin Cressey took the time to chat with Infectious’ own Sami Marshall. The conversation took place three days before the band was to release their debut full-length record Feel Something. 

The two talked about the differences between creating an EP compared to a full-length, how a parental advisory didn’t stop him from buying his first record, and selling out a hometown show. You can check out the full exclusive interview after the jump!

Movements released Feel Something on October 20th and you can purchase a copy of the record here or stream it on Spotify here.

The band is currently on tour through November. To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

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Infectious Magazine: You guys are currently out on tour with Knuckle Puck. How are you all and how is the tour going?
Austin Cressey: It’s been so awesome so far. We didn’t expect it to be this good. Day one, everyone was just so friendly and all the shows have popped off so far! We are extremely excited about how it’s going so far.
IM: Awesome! Is this your first experience going out on tour with this group of bands?
AC: Yeah, we haven’t toured with any of these bands before. I met a couple of the guys in Knuckle Puck beforehand, but we haven’t toured together or played any shows together.
IM: Oh cool! So it’s a fun, new experience for everybody.
AC: Exactly!

IM: Speaking of touring, you guys have been doing a lot of that recently. You’re just coming off of a full summer on Warped Tour. Have you stumbled upon a favorite city to play in yet?
AC: Umm, that’s a hard one. There’s a lot of places we really like to play. One of my personal favorites is Boston. I like Boston a lot. I have always loved that city since I was a kid. That’s one of our bigger markets.

IM: I saw on your tour schedule that you have a show on Halloween in Atlanta. Do you guys have any costumes plans or Halloween fun for that show?
AC: We’ve been talking about it. We don’t really have a plan yet, but I’m sure we will come up with something in the next couple of days. We definitely want to try to dress up or offer candy at the merch table.

IM: Your debut, full-length album Feel Something is coming out in three days! How are you all feeling about that?
AC: We are so excited! We put so much work into the record. It’s awesome! We’re super pumped about it. We’re very proud of it. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the final product.

IM: How did you approach creating this album compared to your last EP?
AC: It was just a lot more collaborative this time around. When we were writing Outgrown Things things were happening so fast. We signed with Fearless [Records], then immediately they were like, “Okay, in five months you’re going to go record an EP.” And we were touring before that. It was just crazy. We all got together and just jammed, and that’s kind of what became the songs on the spot. Our old guitar player at the time would play, then Spencer [York] would play drums, and I would play bass, and Patrick [Miranda] would write lyrics. Everything came together organically without much thought. But with this record, having a new guitar player and having so much more time, we were able to refine the structure and all the parts of the songs. I think it comes off more mature and more well-put-together than the EP did.
IM: So you guys were able to take more time to get the songs where they needed to be and it wasn’t such a rushed project?
AC: Yeah. With this one, we had more time to record the songs, and have a demo of it. We could listen back and figure out what parts we liked and didn’t like. And that wasn’t something we had the luxury of doing on the last EP.

IM: What is something you learned from recording your first EP to this album that you weren’t expecting to learn?
AC: I don’t think any of realized how much work it would be. Writing six songs versus, there’s going to be 11 on the album, but we wrote 20 instrumentals at least. We didn’t realize how much would go into it and how much time it would take. I loved everything about it.

IM: What can your fans expect from this album?
AC: They can expect to hear a lot of the elements from the last record, but also a lot of new stuff. This record is mostly singing, where there was so much yelling and screaming in the last one. This one is mainly just a singing record. It kind of hurts Patrick’s voice to scream. He loves it and a lot of grew up listening to the harder stuff. You’ll hear a lot of singing and a couple different emotions too. The EP was very sad all around, but this one has a few happy songs, some sad songs, some relationship songs. It’s a little more diverse.

IM: Since you guys are getting ready to put out your very first full-length record, I want to talk about other firsts. We have a feature called “My First Time” where musicians and others in the music world talk about a first they experienced in this industry. So I’m going to rattle off a few music-related firsts, and you can talk a little about each.
AC: Alright, awesome.

IM: What is the first record you remember buying?
AC: The first record I ever bought was American Idiot by Green Day. I remember going to the store and giving it to my mom. She was all weird about it because it had the parental advisory on it. But I ended up getting it and I took it home. I put it in my CD player and listened to it like ten times.
IM: Ahh, I remember those days of trying to convince our parents to buy us explicit records.
AC: Exactly!

IM: Can you talk about the first band that you were ever in?
AC: I had a friend that I knew since grade school and around 12 years old, we started jamming together. I can’t really quite remember the name, we changed it like every week. We never really played any shows.

IM: How about the first time you shot a music video?
AC: Our first ever music video was for a song called “Protection.” Patrick and Spencer went to film school, so we thought we could do it ourselves. So we literally went in my living room and filmed that video ourselves. It was pretty cool. I think it turned out well for us doing it.
IM: Is it weird getting used to having a camera on you and trying to act natural, or is it something that just comes easy for you guys?
AC: It’s a little awkward, especially when you’re doing a shot by yourself. You’re not necessarily playing, you’re just listening to the song and playing along with it. So it’s a little weird at first, but it’s easy to get used to.

IM: What was the first record you released, whether it was with Movements or another band?
AC: I’d say Outgrown Things is the first record that I personally have had so much to do with. I’ve joined bands in the past that already had music, and I never really got to put something out that I was a part of.

IM: How about the first time you guys played Warped Tour? I talked to Pat in Orlando this summer and he said this was all of your first times playing Warped. How was that whole experience?
AC: It was one of those things where we started and it was really hot, much more difficult than a normal tour. It started out being kind of not so great, then as time went on, we made more friends. When the tour was ending, I was so sad. I loved it. I thought it was an amazing experience and something every band starting out should experience. It’s a very good tour, lots of connections. And a lot of friendship.
IM: Was it easier or harder than you expected it to be?
AC: It was definitely harder! Everyday it was like 100 degrees out, then you’re pushing all your gear and merch around. Going to the tables. And even playing the shows, it was really hot. Every night I went to bed and I was just exhausted.
IM: It sounds miserable.
AC: It does, but at the same time it’s just not. It’s super weird. You’d have to be on the entire tour  to get it. The struggle just makes it that much better.
IM: Do you have any advice for bands playing Warped Tour for the first time?
AC: Make sure your group of guys, your group, your team are all on the same page. Everyone works together. I wouldn’t put all the work on one person because it is a hard tour. It’s a group effort and you need to have a great team going into it to do it successfully.
IM: Is Warped Tour something you guys definitely want to do again in the future?
AC: Yeah, we would definitely do it again!

IM: And lastly, how about the first time you guys sold out a show? What was that like?
AC: That was right before Warped Tour, actually. We had a hometown show at Chain Reaction, which is the closest venue between all of our houses. We just put it up and hoped it would go well. It ended up selling out. We were mind-blown about it. It was one of the most special shows we have ever played. It was an awesome night.

IM: As the year winds down, what has been a major highlight for you in 2017?
AC: This year has definitely been insane. We have been gone for like six months out of this year. It’s hard to say just one thing. Definitely the recording process. It was amazing. But I guess I would say it was doing Warped Tour, just because I went when I was 13 years old. My parents were freaking out about leaving me there by myself with two other friends. It was just cool to go that festival so many years in a row  and then actually playing the entire thing. That was a huge personal dream come true for me.

IM: What do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year?
AC: We’re just hoping the record does well. We’re planning a headliner for next year, so that is something we want to accomplish.

IM: Do you have anything you’d like to add for our readers and your fans?
AC: The album comes out on the 20th of October. We’re so excited for everyone to hear it!

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