INTERVIEW: Brightside Play ‘Would You Rather’

It’s been less than a year since I was first introduced to Brightside, and the time I’ve spent getting to know them is even shorter. But these are two facts that I tend to forget quite often. You see, these five talented musicians from Tallahassee make you feel like a lifelong friend from the instant you say “hello” to them.

The best way to describe them is “approachable.” They will have a conversation with anyone who walks up to them. Literally anyone. The amount of interruptions that will occur during a conversation with Brightside is borderline comical.

But that’s the beauty of Brightside. They want to know you, and, in turn, you get to know them – even if some of the facts they give you are meant to troll you. At the end of a conversation with the group, you ultimately gain five new friends and a collection of songs you’ll jam out to for days on end.

And if you aren’t familiar with Brightside yet, now’s the time to do just that. From the release of their second EP Heart Science and numerous tours with bands like We The Kings, Cute Is What We Aim For, and Stages & Stereos, 2017 has been a very busy year. Their fanbase has steadily grown, and with plans to continue touring and releasing videos for two of their songs, 2018 is shaping up to be just as busy and even more exciting.

Throughout November, Brightside is sharing headlining duties with Glass House Point on the simply named Fall Tour. A fashion photoshoot and mutual love for each others’ music brought these two bands together for a series of shows that are a definite must-attend! While most of the dates are Florida-based, they will also be heading to Atlanta and Charleston for a couple of shows. To catch them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

During their stop in Orlando, I caught with Brightside and we played a short game of “Which is the Brightside,” a fun rendition of “Would You Rather.” You can check out our interview below and see the hilarious answers they came up with for some not-so-ideal situations.

Infectious Magazine: Would you guys rather cover “Mr. Brightside” and have it be your most successful song OR have The Killers cover one of your songs and have it be their most successful song?
Will Dunaway: The Killers! That is absolutely best case scenario!
Cory Clark: Yeah, we would get paid from them!
Jake Long: Yeah definitely The Killers!
IM: Which would it be though?
Connor Holcombe: I feel like “Again & Again.”
WD: Ooh “Again & Again” would be great!
JL: I think they would like “Lights A Spark.”
Dillon Jordan: “Again & Again,” yeah.
WD: Even “AEIOU” would be cool.
CH: None of them would be exactly right, but it’s all kind of close.
CC: “We All Come Around” would be a good Killers song.

IM: Would you rather only play Florida shows for the rest of your career OR tour the country, but never play Florida again?
DJ & JL: That one! Never play Florida again.
IM: Wow, that hurts. I would never see you guys again!
DJ: We’ll play the border.
CH: Yeah, I think never play Florida again. We could always play like…
JL: Nashville, Alabama…
WD: Savannah.
CH: Are we looking for loopholes here?
WD: We could New Orleans, Atlanta, Savannah.
JL: I think our Florida fans would understand. They would make the journey.
DJ: It would be ok. We could caravan everyone.
WD: We could send in a party bus.
JL: Don’t do this to us!
CH: These are harder than I thought.

IM: Would you rather play a different role in the band every night, but not know which role until right before you went on stage OR always mess up in one song, and the mess up is super obvious?
WD: The random role one would be a way worse show, but it would be so much fun!
JL: I’m picking the mess up one.
CH: The mess up on would be better for our careers.
JL: I would just pretend the mess up was totally on purpose.
DJ: I would love for the mess up to be every one of us at the same time!
JL: All of us pop a string at the same time, Cory breaks a stick, Connor squeaks.
CH: Man, they were great until that exact second.
DJ: One measure of crap, and then we’re good.
WD: Would it be the kind of thing that everyone hears it all at once, and then they all kind of think they maybe imagined it? It’s so obvious, but we just keep on like nothing happened. “Did they just absolutely blow it for one second?!”
CH: We just train our sound guy to be ready for it.

IM: Would you rather have your in-ear monitors be on a slight delay, kind of like a speech jammer OR have the tempo of every song you play steadily increase throughout it’s duration?
All: (laughs)
JL: That one! That one! That one!
CH: You’re giving us all these terrible things for the shows, but they’d all be fun!
WD: If all of that happened during one show, that would be really great! Every song slowly speeds up. In the middle of that song speeding up, we all blow it at the same time. Our in-ears are all on a delay and we all switch instruments mid-song.
CH: That’s a disaster.
WD: That’s my dream show!

IM: Would you rather have the rest of your tours only be comprised of the bands you toured with in 2017 OR as soon as you finish a tour with any band, you forget that you toured with them?
JL: Definitely the 2017 one. I wouldn’t want to forget it.
CH: Yeah, I think you’re right. Would we be sad though? We wouldn’t know.
IM: But if you saw those bands again, you wouldn’t remember them, even though they remember you.
CH: I can’t imagine life without Glass House Point.
JL: And we wouldn’t even remember you from the last tour! And that would be sad.
IM: Aww, that would be sad. Thank you for bringing relevance to this question. (laughs)
JL: “Can I do an interview again?” Who are you? Get away.
DJ: Again?
WD: What’s an interview?
IM: You guys don’t forget everything!
WD: Oh! So it’s not amnesia!
JL: Wait! What do we forget?
IM: Oooh, I see what you did there!
WD: Who am I?!
JL: Why am I a baby?!
IM: I can’t deal with you guys anymore.
CH: I know! We’re the worst!
JL: Can you believe we’re like the only band that doesn’t drink on these tours?
CH: (laughs) That’s kind of a good point!

IM: Would you rather play to a large crowd and have everyone sing along to every song, but they only sing incorrect lyrics OR play to a large crowd and have them be dead silent the whole time?
CC: Wrong words! The amount of people I’ve seen whose hearts are in it but they’re just mouthing along. So many! On the We The Kings tour, I mentioned it to somebody and told them to look out in the crowd and see all the mouthers. It’s so funny!
JL: It’s ok if you don’t know us!
CC: A for effort. Good job for trying. But it’s just so funny to watch.

IM: And for the final one. You guys have to switch genres, which do you choose? Metal or ska?
All: Ska!
IM: But all your previously recorded songs have to be redone in this new genre.
CC: Connor plays saxophone.
WD: It’s true. He does.
CC: He’s not good, but..
CH: Hey, first chair in middle school band.
WD: I’m sold.
CH: I think this is something we should consider.
JL: We were just talking about Brightside as a mariachi band.
IM: I can see it. I can definitely see it.
WD: I wanna go full on Norwegian Black Metal. As insane as we could go.
JL: Wait can do that poppy metal?
IM: Oh that kind? I mean, if everyone could agree with it.
JL: Ok, then that would be my choice. I love the poppy metal stuff. As long as pop could still be involved, I’m in.

IM: Any final thoughts you guys would like to add?
CC: Save the whales and manatees.
CH: Add me on MySpace.
JL: Thank you for the Skittles. They’re all mine.
DJ: Sorry we’re the worst.
IM: No one is going to why you’re the worst!
CH: We are the worst though.
DJ: So long and thanks for all the fish.
WD: Live long and prosper. May the force awaken.

To keep up with the band, you can follow them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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