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INTERVIEW: Butcher Babies – Carla Harvey

Butcher-Babies-CE1Butcher Babies, hailing from Los Angeles, is truly a unique band. They not only have female vocals, but there are two extremely talented and beautiful singers that can also scream along with the best of them.

Carla Harvey, one of the front-women, took time out of her busy tour schedule to chat with Infectious Magazine about women in metal, her book and the dream of touring with her idols.

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Infectious Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Carla Harvey: AWESOME! We are in the midst of our first headlining tour and every night has been packed. It’s been so cool to see everyone singing along and crowd surfing. After touring with legends it’s nice to know that we can draw on our own as well.

IM: Recently more and more women have been coming into the hard rock and metal scene. How do you all support each other in this male-run business?

CH: We are a team…all too often people try to pit us against each other when in reality we consider ourselves part of a club. We are here because other women like Doro and Wendy O opened doors for us, we recognize that, so it’s important for us to give back by showing support for each other and also encouraging the next generation of young women who are interested in pursuing music as well. I think social media has greatly helped us in supporting each other as we can share our pride in what we all our doing online, and get the public excited about the movement of women in metal that we are currently creating together. The cool thing is, all of us are so different…from Huntress to Arch Enemy to In This Moment to Butcher Babies…we all have a unique sound. No competition here, just applause!

IM: Your new EP came out on 9/30! What can fans expect from the new songs?

CH: The EP is GREAT! I still get chills when I listen to it and I think recording it really helped us hone in the kind of magic we want to capture on our next full-length album as well. We hope it serves as a little appetizer for our fans until that full length comes out. We all picked a song for the EP that inspired us as a kid. For us, it was always cool to hear covers that our favorite musicians did, to kind of learn about who they were influenced by (For instance GNR’s Spaghetti Incident or Metallica’s Garage Days). We didn’t want to pick anything that was expected, and I believe we came up with quite an eclectic mix. The song that I chose was “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” which was a song that my stepdad would always sing along to when I was young. We just made a video for that one that premieres soon, and we are playing almost the entire EP on our current tour!

IM: You have a very artistic side. Recently you just wrote your first full length novel. How does your music influence your writing?

CH: I would say it all goes hand in hand. Music and writing are my life; they got me through being an abandoned, awkward kid. A chewed up pen, notebook, and metal music are literally the reasons I’m alive. Listening to bands like Slayer and Pantera when I was kid and also devouring books by Bukowski and Henry Rollins taught me that there was a way to let out the feelings I had that were boiling inside me without hurting myself or others. I started writing first, I journaled every day, and when I joined my first band at 16 or 17, those journal entries became my songs.

IM: You’ve toured with a lot of bands that you’ve cited as your influences. What did you learn being able to play on the same stage as them?

CH: It has been such a dream come true. I have toured with my idols, pinch me! I think the main thing you learn is perseverance. This life is hard…it’s a blast and we get to do the stuff dreams are made of… but it all comes with a price. Relationships are shattered, kids grow up without you, you lose your houses, you are broke for a long time, indefinitely really. But you watch the greats, and you see how they got past the early years and it gets you excited, gives you hope and that extra push to not give up.

IM: If you could switch places with another person in the band, who would it be?

Carla Harvey: Geez that’s a hard question. I love my role in the band. I love being a front person. But If I had to choose I’d play bass. I love that instrument. I have a secret fantasy of playing bass in a doom metal band, haha. But for now, I’m enjoying being vocalist.

IM: What’s in the future for Butcher Babies?

CH: As soon as we get home from this tour we hop in the studio and finish our second full length album, which should be out early summer 2015. Then we hit the road with Black Label Society and Hatebreed for a trek through Canada and we have Australia in February! Life is pretty jam packed…wouldn’t have it any other way.

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

CH: Snag our EP; you’re going to love it! See you on the road and thank you as always, for your support!

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