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Call Me Anything

Infectious Magazine chats with William of Call Me Anything to discuss their recent show with Allstar Weekend and Cute Is What We Aim For, their documentary, pop culture, the best burritos around, and what’s in store for the band. Check it out after the jump.

IM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Call Me Anything: Well thanks for taking the time to interview me! I’m fantastic; I will now proceed to talk about myself for an undetermined period of time.

IM: You recently opened for Allstar Weekend and Cute Is What We Aim for at the House Of Blues in Boston. How was that experience, from prepping to playing, to fan response?

Call Me Anything: The show was incredible, just so much fun. It’s so cool for a couple of dudes like us, who have spent years playing to 2-300 kids, to walk out and see that kind of audience. Prepping for the show was such an ordeal, but it’s always worth it. We’re very fortunate to have the support we do from our fans, and of course our close friends and family. That’s really what put a smile on my face. We spent weeks preparing and it was over in a flash. The 30 minutes felt like 3 minutes.

IM: You’ve had a lot of praise from various media sources including Pop Vulture Mag in the UK to AbsolutePunk. Having that kind of reach, to be written about in another country must be a huge honor. Talent aside, what do you attribute that to?

Call Me Anything: It’s definitely cool reading all the nice things people have to say about us. Alleged musical talent aside, I honestly think that’s just from the hard work. We’re pretty outgoing guys and we try to befriend everyone we work with. People don’t understand how far that goes.  We’re also very blessed to have such an awesome team working behind us. (Shout out to Adam at New Age Media, and Jen at Catalyst Publicity Group!).

IM: Along those same lines, what advice would you give bands just starting out?

Call Me Anything: Put in the work. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. That’s always been our mentality, and I truly believe it’s the formula. When I was in high school / early college I worked probably 18 hours a day at this band. Whether that was bringing my laptop to class, driving to promote at shows, staying up to make posts, whatever you can think of. You have to have that “all in” mentality.

If that stops being fun, then maybe music is more of a hobby for you. And that happens sometimes too. For me, music, and just life in general, is all about being happy. Do what you think is most important. Sometimes that’s music, and sometimes it isn’t.

IM: You put together a documentary that was a behind the scenes look at what you go through on the day of a show. Do you think there is a gap in both the music and film industry that’s lacking an honest, compelling look into the various aspects of the current music industry? 

Call Me Anything: I don’t know if there is a gap necessarily, but I do think that people take for granted what a band of our size / stature does on a daily basis. For the kids, they get to the venue, find a spot in the audience, and watch the show. For us things are a little different. A lot of times we’ll get to a venue before kids are even awake. It’s just a different point of view, I guess. If anybody’s interested, check out our tour documentary, “#NotYourAverageBandboys.”

IM: Being From Boston, can you tell us some of your favorite local hangouts?

Call Me Anything: It’s not really a local hangout, but the Red Mango on Mass Ave is always killer. We love going there. But if you want a real Boston spot, try any of the Boloco locations. They make the best burritos around. I’d take it over chipotle any day.

IM: It’s no secret that the band is extremely immersed in pop culture. How do you see yourselves fitting into the current wave of pop culture, especially as you continue to grow?

Call Me Anything: Meh, I dunno. We love pop culture. We love pop music. We combine the two, and then we have a good laugh. We’ll see where the future takes us.

IM: Going off that, do you think being so involved in pop culture, that you have a heavier responsibility to your audience, as potential mentors and influences to them?

Call Me Anything: I’m not really sure, to be honest. I don’t think we’re necessarily influencers or mentors, or at least we don’t feel pressure to be. We just act like the hooligans that we are, and if someone wants to tell us that “That changed their life” or “helped them through a tough time,” then that’s just a bonus. I almost started crying when I saw the first Call Me Anything tattoo. Our fans are so awesome.

IM: What’s in the future for Call Me Anything?

Call Me Anything: *typical bandboy comment about big things coming soon*

Haha. Music, shenanigans, and probably a music video? Let’s see…

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Call Me Anything: Yes, as a matter of fact there is – I want everyone to know while I was at work this morning, I built a tower out of Kit-Kat pieces. It was fucking awesome, as you can imagine. Also, thanks for supporting our band, or whatever the hell we’re in these days. You guys rule, Call Me Anything rules, and that’s what’s up.


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