Interview: Christina LaRocca

Christina LaRocca is a singer songwriter from New York that landed in Los Angeles with fire in her heart. She has shared the stage with big names such as Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and Rachel Platten. Check out our interview below!

The video for “Child of the Sun” was just released earlier this month! What was it like filming in the middle of desert?

It was wild. It was at least 105 degrees that weekend in Joshua Tree, probably closer to 110 or higher on those wide shots we are in the middle of no where. I thought I was going to die of heat exhaustion. The director, Jacob Voelzke,  had me walk miles too that day. I got quite the tan. We were originally going to shoot it in the Mohave desert but the temp was like 120. I was like – hell nah.

What led you to get into the Americana genre of music?

I’m not really sure to be honest. I am a born and raised New Yorker, and as a child, I always craved spending time in nature and never being able to satisfy that urge until I moved out west. The drive from NYC to LA was incredibly inspiring. When you take a plane, it feels quick. But it’s not. It’s really far. Like really far. Pulling out of Arizona and into California – you imagine you’ll cross the borer and see palm trees. Nope. It’s hundreds of miles of desert, and deserted ghost towns until you reach LA. It plays out like a long beautiful scenic movie. Americana music goes hand in hand with the backdrop of the US. So many Americana tunes are about the road and I supposed it just lead me there. I recently played a show in Wyoming. Sounds weird but I’m kind of obsessed with the nothingness of it. If there was an opposite word for New York City, it would be Wyoming.

Do you feel that your experience in booking artists has helped you be successful as an artist yourself?

Absolutely. I’ve learned a lot and now I know how to book a real tour. But, it also hinders me in a way. When I was living in NYC, I was a full time musician and promoter and everyone knew I played music. I also knew what felt like every musician in town. Being in a new place where I was really only on the industry side (which really wasn’t the plan) now it’s like ‘oh who’s this booking agent wanting to play music?’ Not as cool. And the scene in LA is very different than in NYC. The shows, and venues, are getting better, the band is settling in…I feel like myself again.

You had mentioned in a prior interview that you want to see as much of the world as you can. What is the one place you would love to visit, even if you don’t play a show there?

I would love to see Thailand. I love the food, the culture, artwork, the people… After that – Australia, Brazil, Sicily, Japan…the list goes on.

What is something your fans might be surprised to know about you?

I think they would be surprised to know I’m also a jewelry designer. I don’t have anEetsy store and other than some posts on IG – I don’t really post about it online, which I want to but I’ve been so damn busy I haven’t had the time. However, I’ve been bringing some one of a kind pieces – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – to my shows for sale at the merch table!

In Native American culture, ravens typically represent change and metamorphosis. Is that what prompted you to get your tattoo?

Yes, that is part of it, but I have a connection with this particular bird. A few years ago, before moving out west I found myself heart-broken, right before the holiday. I knew I had to get out of the city for a bit and clear my head. So I went online to see if I could find some cheap tickets somewhere, and I did – to Phoenix. So I booked myself a trip and did a little soul searching. I flew into PHX, hung out there for a couple of days, then to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and then drove to Albuquerque, NM and finally Santa Fe. The trip was something else.

I met some amazing people that I am still friends with today. I’m pretty sure I found what I was looking for on this particular trip. While driving east to Santa Fe, I stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park, which if you are ever out there – is one of the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen. It was early January and the park was empty. I was alone. Probably the most alone, and far away from people I have ever been. This part of the world is so old, and it hasn’t changed much since the dinosaurs. It definitely makes you think. Our lives are a tiny spec of time and dust. So fragile, and fleeting.

There is so much that we plague our minds with on a daily basis – and the reality is – this will all be gone in a blink so – be yourself, do what you love and don’t let the bullshit – or others – bring you down. Ravens were scattered all over the park. They are truly fascinating creatures, so dark and beautiful. They speak to each other too. There was one in particular that let me get really close. We didn’t exchange many words, but it spoke to me. I will never forget that moment. My tattoo is a homage to that raven, a reminder of who I am, and where I stand in this world.

Your time as an assistant to a man who abused his power is pretty poignant now. Do you think that if the #MeToo movement was prominent back then, your experience would have been different in that job?

I wasn’t working there during the movement, but all of the big agencies were shitting in their pants that the next big story would come from one of their agents or clients. And I’m glad – because this shit has to stop. It’s disgusting. I was losing my mind working under him for that first year. He went thru so many assistants, and no one was trying to find me another desk, no matter how many times I came to HR. And don’t get me wrong I am a tough woman. It was like – “well if you ask to be removed from his desk we can’t guarantee you can keep your job here.” Really? Fuck that.

I hated life. I had to make my own moves internally. He is the textbook definition of a sociopath. I learned a lot but, leaving was the best decision I ever made. I jumped and the universe caught me. For all of you out there finding yourself in the same position – it will catch you too. You deserve better.

Christina is heading out on tour in February. You can buy concert tickets here. All four of her albums are available to stream on Spotify or for purchase here

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‘Child of the Sun’

‘I Am Only Human’

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