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INTERVIEW: Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men

coffis Infectious Magazine got together with the Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men for an interview prior to their show at the Boom Boom Room. Here’s what they had to say:

IM: When I first listened to your album one of the things I noticed is that you guys have an older, more vintage sound, which I really liked. People say that at this day and age the only way to really innovate is to recreate something old, and that it is very difficult to create something new and original. So, I was wondering if you guys felt that you were innovating by recreating something old or bringing something completely new to the table?

CB: Hopefully a little bit of both. Ultimately, we’re trying to write songs that we like to play and listen to, and that’s just going to end up to be the style of music that we like, which is stuff recorded earlier, and a style that recreates an earlier vibe.

IM: So, that brings me to my next question.  I was wondering how the writing process goes. Do you start with the lyrics or do you start jamming and putting the sound together first?

CB: A little bit of everything, really. Kind of depends.  Usually, the lyrics come last for me. But sometimes it can start with a lyric. A little, tiny piece of inspiration usually starts the song.

IM: Sounds very organic.

CB: It’ll usually start with one of us writing something and then bringing it to the band. So then the sound will definitely change. And everyone has input on how we’re gonna change or arrange it.

IM: You guys have very good chemistry, that’s where my last question came from. It all comes together so well.

CB: Well, these are songs that we’ve been playing for a while, some of them , not all of them. There’s songs that we’ve been playing for a couple of years, and we know the songs really well. That probably has something to do with it. Also, we’ve been playing together for a while. We all went to high school together, for the most part. And we’ve been playing music, whether it was stuff we wrote or Neil Young songs we all like, for a long time.

IM: Awesome. Recently, I actually watched the video for “Trouble Town,” which I thought was really cool. I assume it was filmed at one of your homes?

CB: That’s actually the rehearsal space where we all started playing together — probably four or five years ago. It’s where we jam. We call it the carport.

IM: So tonight, you guys are back at The Boom Boom Room, and you’ve been here before. This is the second part of your CD release?

CB: Wrong Side of The Road was released on the 22nd of February. It was released to the world and we did like a party/concert in our hometown in Santa Cruz. It was actually at Don Quixotes in Felton which is a little bit off from Santa Cruz, but we all grew up around there in the San Lorenzo Valley. So that was our hometown spot. But this is our first time with the new CD in San Francisco.

IM: How does it feel?

CB: It’s good.  We’ve been talking about the CD for a long time and we really want to get it out to people, so we’re really excited.

IM: So at this point, it’s kind of a milestone having had your CD released. What do you think you guys are gonna do next. Any plans to tour more or make more music?

CB: Both of those. We’ve got some trips planned this year, and hopefully, the idea is to tour more, write more and make more music.

IM: Are you guys staying local to California or are you going further?

CB: We’re playing at a festival in Oregon, it’s called 4 Peaks and that’s in Bend. Then we’re playing a festival in Wyoming called the Oyster Ridge Festival, or Oyster Grass. We’ve played in Alaska a few years ago, and we’re seeing if we can get back up there this summer. We’re gonna try to play as much as we can and get the CD out to as many people as we can. I’m sure that now that we have these songs out we’re probably gonna start trying out some new stuff. We’ve been writing a lot but we haven’t really been performing anything new.

IM: Well, there’s a time and place for everything. I guess right now you guys are in the performing stage of the process.

CB: Yep, we want to get the album out to people. We want people to hear it. We spent a long time on it. We probably spent a year on it before it came out, and we had the songs even longer before that. We’ve sent the album out to radio stations and it’s getting airplay. It’s been a long process, and now it’s time to play those songs for people. So hopefully they’ll like it.

IM: So are you guys excited for the show? You have some openers.

CB: Safell is opening for us, I think they’re from the North Bay. It’s a fun spot for us, it’s fun coming up to the city like once a month, it’s sort of become a regular thing.

IM: That’s great, good luck with the show. Thanks for the interview you guys!

CB: Thank You!

Stream the video for “Trouble Town” after the jump.

Purchase a CD ofWrong Side of The Road here, check out tour dates and buy concert tickets here.


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