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Interview: David & Olivia

David & Olivia USE THISInfectious Magazine chats with David & Olivia about their upcoming album, On The Sea, the recording & touring process and more. Check it out after the jump.

Infectious Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

OLIVIA: We’re great, thank you for having us.  Feeling as breezy as the weather here in Southern California.

IM: Your upcoming album, On The Sea is set for a May 14 release. What can fans expect?

DAVID: They can expect a heartfelt and honest Americana 6-song EP that dips into blues, country, gospel and folk.

IM: Can you tell us a little bit about the recording process for this album? Inspiration, motivation, late night snacks that kept you going, etc…

DAVID: Well, recording was a two-part process.  The first was for “Key to My Heart,” which was recorded about a year prior to the rest of the album.  We recorded that song the first time we officially met.  It was magic.  The second was about a year later when we recorded the bulk of the album.  We had toured thousands of miles together and become good friends.  We had gotten a good sense of how our voices moved together and what direction we wanted to go.  These sessions were quick.  We recorded in a small studio in Anaheim called Night Owl Recorders with Matt Grundy and Paul Clark.  They were intimate sessions, just the four of us.  It was light and easy.  Us guys would fill up on various craft beer selections and Olivia would sleep in between takes.  The whole recording process was a lot of fun and I think it shows in the music.

IM: It seems that touring has helped you hone in on your craft, and helped shape your music. Because it is so different from “daily life” do you think that being on the road can in many ways end up defining the individuals?

OLIVIA: So many creatives have found inspiration “on the road” (Jack Kerouac anyone?) Now that I think about it – On The Sea seems that much more a perfect title for this EP! Since we are both very water inspired individuals, it is a better term for being on the road, traveling, experiencing life and doing that which we love the most. The touring process brought us closer to the realization that this is an amazing collaboration, and set in stone our intense desire to make this music and to follow where the sails are taking us! 2012 was an amazingly productive year for both of us and out of it we have a solid EP we couldn’t be more proud of.

IM: You just recently returned from SXSW. How do you feel about the festival’s change over the years, and its contribution to helping emerging artists?

DAVID: Austin is an amazing city that sets an ideal setting for SXSW.  So many artists, and music lovers within a walkable beautiful city, what’s not to dig?  We’ve heard from family and friends in the area that the festival has really grown since its inception.  With the growth it has attracted both well-known and emerging artists, which is a great thing.  There is so much going on that you really need to have a buzz going into it or you get lost in the shuffle.  It’s like any major city music scene on steroids… you really need to have all of your ducks in a row to make an impact.  Fortunate for us, we did.

IM: What is one thing you’d like fans, both current and future to take away from your music?

OLIVIA: We can only hope that the listener will feel something, maybe a long lost memory, or a touching longing. We are sharing some of our most inner thoughts, passions and emotions with this EP. It is very much an open diary, and it’s extremely heartfelt. We truly feel that we are adding to and bringing back a long lost era where classic country, blues and gospel share hands.

IM: What’s in the future for you?

OLIVIA: Traveling, touring, creating and more! The sea is looking smooth with a favorable breeze.

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

For more information on David & Olivia and their debut record, On The Sea (May 14th) go to:

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