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dj heavygrinderInfectious Magazine interviews HEAVYGRINDER to discuss everything from being a female in a once male dominated industry, to upcoming collabs and and her tour with Blood On The Dance Floor. Check it out after the jump. You can buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here.

Infectious Magazine:  I read an interview with you where you mentioned having dreams of being a singer when you were younger. Do you ever think of laying down some of your own vocal tracks in one of your mixes?

Heavygrinder: I have released several tracks with my own vocals. Definitely planning on releasing more vocal tracks in the near future.

IM: Have you experienced any difficulty/unfair treatment in your career as a DJ because you are female? If so, how do you adjust to it and deal with the nonsense?

HG: When I first started DJing back in 2001, the industry was a lot more male dominant than it is now so things were a lot harder, harsher and tougher. I would just ignore and dismiss such treatment and focus on the good that is happening and goals. It is pointless to feed into any type of negativity and let it get you down / hold you back from doing what you are most passionate about. I just laugh it off and move forward!

IM: I saw that you got added to the lineup for Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. Congrats on that! Do you have any expectations/aspirations for while you’re there? What sets will you be making sure not to miss?

HG: I had a blast playing at EDC Vegas!  Caught some of Richie Hawtin’s set. He killed it.

IM: You have been DJing for well over 10 years now, but when did you first start mixing metal into your DJ sets?

HG: I would say about 3 years ago.

IM: You have a tour lined up for this fall with Blood on the Dance Floor. How did that come about?

HG: Yes! I am very stoked about the tour with BOTDF.  It was organized through their management and my agent.

IM: What do you think that you can learn from BOTDF?

HG: I am sure I will learn so many things from BOTDF. How to build and stay connected with such a massive loyal following, etc. Really stoked!

IM: Everybody has a list of places to go/bands to see/etc before they die. Do you have a list like this for events/venues/places you want to play? Have you been able to cross any of them off your list yet? What is left on your list?

HG: I got to play el divino in Ibiza and Kokugikan in Tokyo which were places I dreamt of performing at. Haven’t been to the UK and Australia- Would love to play out there.

IM: On a similar note, who are some people that you would love to collaborate with (DJ or not)?

HG: Knife Party, Cattle Decapitation, Massive Attack,  etc… So many!

IM: It seems like these days, everybody is a DJ. Does it seem a bit congested out there in the world of DJs? Do you have any words of advice for people who share your love of music and making people dance?

HG: It does in a sense that I feel like the true art of DJing has been lost… These days some people will press the ‘Play’ button on their computers and call themselves a ‘DJ’…My advice is… Follow your heart no matter what anyone says. There will always be hurdles and road blocks but stay true to and continue doing what you love.

IM: Do you have any new music on the way?

HG: I have several different metal + electro projects I am currently working on. Also a collab release with Anti Christ via bugeyed records and Drop Like Flies remix via Jet Set Trash that is going to be released via this month.

IM: What’s in the future for you?

HG: I would like to continue to push the metal + electro movement and work with some of the bands as well as work on more of my own vocal releases.

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

HG: I would like to thank all of my beloved fans and friends for supporting my music over the years. I wouldn’t be here without my fans/friends encouragement and love. Sending all my love and appreciation.  =)

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