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Interview: Holy Grail

Holy GrailInfectious Magazine chats with James Paul Luna of Holy Grail to discuss everything from lucky coincidences, to future tour plans. Check it out after the jump, and buy concert tickets here.

Infectious Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Holy Grail: I’m excellent!

IM: Decibel Magazine was quoted as saying “You’d have to go back 20 years to find a metal record that achieves this level of instant infectiousness” about your album, Ride The Void. Personally, what album or band would you say has had that affect on you?

Holy Grail: Id have to say Don’t Break The Oath by Mercyful Fate

IM: I remember reading an interview where the writer mentioned a few lucky coincidences, such as your show with Cattle Decapitation one night. Though life is often made up of these “lucky coincidences” how do you think your career has been impacted by these types of things?

Holy Grail: I feel as though every day is a lucky coincidence as long as I don’t have to work an office job or flip burgers, and every step down that road keeps making a bigger and bigger imprint.

IM: From reading your Facebook page, it seems like your band camaraderie with both your own band and bands you tour with is strong. How do you keep such positivity under the often strenuous conditions of touring?

Holy Grail: We love to be in a band and strive to tour and make a long career out of it, there’s no reason to be negative if you’re doing what you love to do.

IM: Along those same lines, you guys have talked about how you’ve gotten into the groove of touring, with the help and advice of bands like 3 Inches of Blood, Amon Amarth and Saviours. What touring advice ( from merch tables to live performance) have you been able to pass on to bands that now look up to you?

Holy Grail: The advice I usually give is to stay hydrated, take your daily multi-vitamins, and if you’re really hung over use pedialyte or pickle juice to get back into shape!

IM: The band has mentioned that if you stick to true metal, there is no growth. Do you feel that way about other aspects of the music industry, and what would be your advice for maintaining growth?

Holy Grail: That doesn’t feel totally accurate, maybe it wasn’t said right in the past or it was misunderstood. Perhaps what we meant to say was we don’t want to stick to one style of metal because of our numerous influences. True metal is a core influence in all of us and will always be there, but we like death metal, thrash, doom, shred, and even punk & hardcore. We want to make metal music that we would wanna hear, so we keep the possibilities open. If we were true metal purists we would feel limited in our soundscape we could pull from, but it just so happens most our influences come from traditional metal.

IM: What’s in the future for Holy Grail? Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Holy Grail: Our future has countless US and Canadian tours and hopefully some European, South American, and Asian touring. We also are about to release our new music video for the song “Ride The Void”. Add us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine!
Shred On and Stay Hard!


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