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Interview: Hydra Melody


Hydra Melody Infectious Magazine chats with Jason Harari of Hydra Melody to discuss their time at SXSW, opening for Every Avenue and The Early November, their new album, and when you can expect new music. Check it out after the jump.

Infectious Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Hydra Melody: We’re doing great! Excited for our two new singles coming out Thursday on iTunes, which have just been featured on and, and the amazing responses we are receiving as we head into SXSW.

IM: You’ve opened for a lot of high profile bands, including Every Avenue, and The Early November, and have a lot of experience under your belt. What have been some of the learning experiences associated with those kinds of shows and tours?

Hydra Melody: Consistency and hard work. Opening for bands that you look up to is always a great experience. I think a lot of bands don’t realize what it really takes to be on top of your game. It’s not just about rehearsing and writing great music, it’s about everything else involved and making sure you’re in a position every night to put on a great show. We always try and give 110% at every show we play, and leave it all on and off the stage and it comes from hard work in the rehearsal space and working as a team to make sure that translates into the live show night after night. We’ve learned a lot from watching bands who have teams around them to make sure that every show is a success and at our level have taken on these “team” roles to try and step up to that next level. Fans can see right through those people who want to be musicians and those who HAVE to be musicians because they can’t imagine doing anything else, you know? It comes across in that interaction especially on stage but has a direct translation to those off stage.

IM: You already have six showcases lined up for SXSW. Being such a highly anticipated event, and drawing so many visitors, do you think SXSW is still at the frontlines of breaking the latest in music, movies and interactive technology?

Hydra Melody: SXSW used to be an event much more heavily centered around breaking and introducing new up and coming acts. With that being said, it is still an undeniably huge opportunity for a band at our level. With the amount of exposure to new ears and industry professionals who can help you step to that next level, it would be silly for anyone not to want to take the opportunity as we have to make an impact there. We hear a lot about how the industry climate has changed a lot at SXSW but our concern is reaching and making new friends and fans at these types of events, so the magnitude of potential there for Hydra Melody is undeniable. Every great band starts with the humbled approach that it’s always, and always will be, about proving yourself through your music, live show, and creating lifelong fans with it. That’s our goal at SXSW, and has always been our outlook at every show, tour, or festival.

IM: If you ran SXSW, what would be any major implementations or changes you would put into place?

Hydra Melody: An emphasis on band collaboration. When we work together, and help each other out, we all ultimately win regardless of how much success we individually reach. It’s about music and musicians. All of us.

IM: You have an album you’re planning to release this summer, correct? Can you tell us a little about that?

Hydra Melody: We are planning on releasing sometime this summer, and can’t wait to show people. We have just wrapped up two new singles “Belmar Princess” and “Oceans” and have had an amazing response! Our excitement comes from how we have developed as a band and where these new tracks seem to be headed. It’s a bit of a different feel for our music in that we feel we’re more aware of what our influences were and what the “Hydra” sound is all about, but have grown as a band in taking it to a new place. This record really feels like a finely tuned version of who we are and how our music represents that growth. Hope everyone enjoys it, we really feel it’s our best work to date!

IM: What can fans expect from Hydra Melody throughout 2013?

Hydra Melody: Touring, touring, touring, and lots of new music as well as some big moves from us. We have an amazing group of people supporting us right now and this project coming into this year and if we make the most of opportunities which have come our way, we feel we’ll be able to share our music with a much wider audience and spend this year doing what we do best, writing music and playing it for as many people as possible.

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Hydra Melody: I (Jason) would just like to say thank you for this interview and the opportunity, and would just like to invite people to please check out our website so they can check out our music and schedule for 2013! See you all soon! Thank you

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