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Los Angeles trio Mainland have been making quite a name for themselves over the last year. Accumulating over 6 million Spotify streams on their EPs, opening for acts like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Marianna’s Trench, and gaining the attention of Stereogum and more, the band shows no signs of slowing down. Check out our interview below.

You were recently part of an incredibly moving project called “I Found God”, set to the music of your song of the same name. Can you tell me a little about that and how you got involved with it?

Well initially we wrote the song in the earlier part of 2017. It came from a personal experience of discovering that love in all shapes/hues/orientations can be the most powerful spiritual feeling. The idea that love is limitless in its influence on a person. After we arrived with the finished product we collaborated with our friends Similar But Different who birthed the concept for the video.

What else are you extremely passionate about, music aside?

We all have different hobbies. Alex did time in a tattoo shop, Corey is an aspiring chef, and I dabble in film photography and poetry.

You’ve accumulated over 6 million Spotify streams. In an industry where Spotify streams and Official playlist placements are highly sought after, what advice do you have for bands looking to make their mark in Spotify?

Good music always rises to the top, I would make something from the heart that you’re proud enough to talk about at a party. In terms of Spotify who have been very kind to us over the years, it’s a team effort and they’ll find and promote what they believe in. It honestly comes down to the music and they’re tuned in.

You recently announced a tour with The Mowglis this February. What can fans most look forward to during that tour?

We’re going to be selling 7” vinyl of our new single “I Found God” with an unreleased b-side. Also we’re good friends with The Mowglis so expect some on-stage collaboration.

What’s one of the most memorable lessons you’ve taken away from playing and/or touring with other bands? 

Atlas Genius runs before sound check, Marianna’s Trench does pushups before they play, Jukebox The Ghost uses a steamer while doing vocal warmups, The Wrecks drink throat coat tea. We’ve learned a lot from bands we’ve toured with, but on tour you learn most from those behind the curtain. How to keep morale high and to treat everyone at the venues with love and respect. That’s rule #1.

You’ve talked about cutting your teeth locally before being signed. Looking back, what were a few things you think really helped you gain the attention of 300 Entertainment?

We got a name in NYC from playing out a lot and building hype organically. You can never discount the word of mouth.

What can we expect from Mainland in the future?

Debut album this summer.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
See you on tour, look out for more dates in late spring.

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