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Interview: Miccoli

Infectious Magazine chats with Miccoli about their new EP, Idle Stranger, breaking into the music industry and of course, that bathroom altercation with Paris Hilton.

Infectious Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Miccoli: Very well thanks just on a break. We’re in the studio finishing off a few bits on a track, a lot happier now I have an espresso in my hand.

IM: The band is comprised entirely of family, which is endearing, but not often seen. Do you think being family, that this strengthens or complicates things within the band?

Miccoli: I think it strengthens and simplifies things, far less egos flying around, fewer band politics and if there are rows, which believe me there are!!! It’s sorted and forgotten about. Plus we’re lucky in the fact we all get on and have similar/strange sense of humors and share the same tastes in music which again makes things easier.

IM: Your new EP, Idle Stranger drops April 8. What can fans expect?

Miccoli: There’s a bit of everything on here, we decided to have a play around with a few different styles outside our comfort zone, hence the different versions of “Idle Stranger” on there, also a track called “Fear” which we’re excited for people to hear too, it’s an awesome little “EP” (if we do say ourselves) and is a small taste of things to come!

IM: Your music video for “Idle Stranger” has received massive play, including on VH1 and Bliss TV. What do you attribute that success to, and what advice do you have for young bands hoping to follow in your footsteps?

Miccoli: Hard work, perseverance and love of your craft, plus a nicely shot video and a good song helps too. In truth it’s the smaller things that lead to the bigger stepping stones: things that in the first instance you’d dismiss and think ‘it’s not worth doing’. But I think they’re most important – especially for newer bands starting out. Do as many things as you can, follow every lead, play anywhere and everywhere, as you never know who is listening, watching or taking an interest. I’d also say stick to your guns but not to the point of stupidity; work harder, longer than anyone else and practice until your fingers bleed!

IM: You and your brother have been working in the music industry since your teens, as roadies and runners for a large arena in Birmingham. Having had those experiences do you feel it has helped shape your opinion of the various sides of the music industry?

Miccoli: Yeah definitely so. During our time there we experienced every aspect of the music industry; especially in terms of what a live venue is all about – hidden behind those black curtains, from diva tantrums (both men & women) to the rock and roll and the not so rock and roll. It opened our eyes to the machine that is the music industry, and that it boils down to pound shilling and pence at the end of the day like most things, (which at first naively you don’t think of). Plus more importantly how not to act like total dicks towards fans and people who are paying to see you live.

IM: In your bio, you mention an altercation with Paris Hilton in the bathroom. I have to ask-what’s the story there?

Miccoli: Long story short, there was a race for the last paper towel in the girls toilet, as soon as Hilton dropped the line “don’t you know who I am” Francesca made sure she walked out there with that paper towel. Moral of the story: let your haters be your motivators.

IM: Any plans to come back to the US soon?

Miccoli: Definitely! It’s one of our favorite places to play, that was our first tour outside the UK and we have great memories of touring there (and more than a few stories to tell). When the new album is all done we can start planning.

IM: What’s in the future for you guys?

Miccoli: In short, world domination.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Miccoli: “People will stare so make it worth their while.”

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