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Interview: Rob DPiazza Of Streaker Records


Streaker Records co-owner and A&R rep Rob DPiazza talks music industry ambitions, the biggest mistake new clients make, branding and more in this exclusive interview. Check it out after the jump.

IM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Rob DPiazza: Not bad just got done moving back to NY, enjoyed the holidays with friends and family. Looking forward to kicking off the new year!

IM: For those unfamiliar, would you mind telling me a little bit about your background and how you came to be a co-owner and A&R rep for Streaker Records?

Rob DPiazza: Streaker was a pleasant accident. Jason (Sarkis) and Jack (Flynn), my partners, were actually in a band at the time signed to EMI/MRV. We were trying desperately to get back on the Warped Tour to push the band and get us known but for some reason we couldn’t do it. So we told Warped we were a “record label” to help get the name out there. It ended up being extremely successful and we were able to push a ton of albums that year. We ended up deciding that it was worth it to keep the label around and started getting the appropriate things in place to do so i.e…. sound scans, PR, marketing. things of that nature. Fast forward to today and we have over 30 Billboard chartings as well as a few number 1’s regionally.

IM: Streaker also runs a clothing line correct? What inspired that decision to take on that industry as well?

Rob DPiazza: It’s just all about branding. Sure, we could just go out and sell music, but why not sell a shirt and shorts as well? It’s just another cost effective way of getting your name out there so people know you exist.

IM: What would you say is one of the biggest mistakes potential clients looking to sign with a label make?

Rob DPiazza: I think some people are just stoked to have a contract in front of them and don’t really read whats in the fine print. That’s the fastest way to lose your band. There are all sorts of ways for people to control your band without you even knowing. READ YOUR CONTRACTS. Make sure you are not getting screwed!!

IM:On the flip side, what is the biggest mistake or expectation you think new bands signing on have?

Rob DPiazza: A lot of bands think they are going to be an overnight success. And that’s just not the case. This industry is hard, this industry isn’t fair, and this industry will eat you up. You still need to put a ton of work day in and day out to achieve your goals.

IM: In your opinion, what is the biggest change the music industry as a whole should make?

Rob DPiazza: I really hope bands start making a comeback. I’m not a huge fan of studio produced pop. I’m not saying there isn’t talent behind it because there are countless hours that go into creating something like that, but I miss musicians on stage displaying their craft as a whole. I want that to come back and hopefully become the new pop again.

IM: What can people expect from Streaker Records in the near future?

Rob DPiazza: Touring. It’s our plan to try and keep all of our bands on the road all of 2013. I want them in front of as many kids as possible.

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Rob DPiazza: Just thanks for taking the time to check us out! We appreciate everything you guys do!


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