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INTERVIEW: Satellite

Infectious Magazine interviews Satellite on their recent signing to a major label, getting over a million plays on one music video, and the band’s future. Check it out after the jump.

Infectious Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Satellite: I’m great, thanks.

IM: You have your new album, Calling-Birds coming up for release on Feb. 19. What can fans expect surrounding that release, such as tours, album packages, etc?

Satellite: We will be playing a lot more shows now that everything is in place. There are some heavy & light tour dates in Feb., and some more in the works. The cover was a 9 month process of me learning how to make it what we wanted it to be. We spent all this time making what it sounds like, but then the question became what should that look like. As far as packages, there’s probably some stuff like live recordings and bonus songs on the way.

IM: You have had over 1.3 million views on your video for “Say The Words” which is extremely commendable! Aside from the power of the song itself, what do you attribute that success to?

Satellite: I guess people just connected with it.  No matter what, it was a cathartic for me and that doesn’t have to translate.  We had just moved to Nashville and I think I was trying to pronounce some set of emotions from that.  It started with a bunch of home movies, but then that felt like a collage so I started editing in the floating. There was some sort of isolation that I felt, and “Say the Words” is about what happens in that isolation.  The floating is hinting at rising above that isolation and just admitting you sometimes want to burn it all down.  Not keeping that a secret tends to strip its power away.  So if I had form an answer, I’d say I hope people can see a window into who we are because of that video.  I hope people identify with message of it, and it’s at least an attempt at making that happen.

IM: You’re from Nashville, which seems to hold a lot of weight and expectations. Have you found that to be a challenge at all?

Satellite: I’m actually from Little Rock, AR, and then spent 8 years in Los Angeles.  We’ve been in nashville for about a year though, and it’s been the best place I’ve ever lived!  You’re right about the weight and expectations though.  I felt like the new kid for a while, and the only challenge has been making sure I show some respect to the talent around me. It’s a city built on brilliant musicians and amazing songwriters, and I didn’t want to show up and start shouting about my band. I wanted to get to know some new friends and ease into it. That being said, I’m really proud of the way its building now like it did in California.

IM: Your signing with Sony Music’s Descendant Records is pretty recent. What have you learned both during the process of signing and having been signed for a while that you’d like to pass on to young bands?

Satellite: It’s a significant step, but signing is only a step along the way. Having Jay involved has been the best part of this record deal. We have an ally ready to keep building this thing with us, and honestly we’ve learned how much you need your A&R to be a teammate more than a mastermind.  I still think bands find their way through fans loving the music they make. A label, a booking agent, a manager, etc are just powerful fans of your music at the end of the day.

IM: You’ve mentioned that you wanted to put out an honest record, and you hope for your music to speak to others. What albums, bands or songs do that for you?

Satellite: If we’re talking about artists that have shaped my perspective on what music can mean to generations of people, I have some heroes like Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Springsteen, Cash, Willie Nelson, and Roy Orbison.  They all said something we could sing to.  Some modern albums I’ve loved are Mayer’s Continuum, Coldplay’s Rush of Blood, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, every single Radiohead album, Bon Iver’s For Emma, and Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker.  We’ve been motivated by the idea of making something that adds to the body of music at large; something with our own sound and lyrics that speak from somewhere that feels good getting off the chest. The idea of even making a band was motivated out of a feeling we needed to share, and I hope that’s something in common with the artists I mentioned.

IM:What’s in the future for Satellite?

Satellite: I have no idea!  I hope it involves an easier way of making this next record we’re writing, and we will see what happens in response to us touring this first one, right?

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