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INTERVIEW: Shatterproof

Infectious magazine catches up with Colorado band, Shatterproof. Check it out to see what the guys think of the local music scene, talk about their unique sound, and what they’ve learned through all the hardships they’ve endured!
Infectious Magazine: What sets Shatterproof apart from other bands in the genre is the use of a live violin during shows and songs alongside traditional rock band instruments. What advantages do you say a physical violin brings to your shows compared to violin patches and recordings that other bands use?
 Shatterproof: Something that is very important to Shatterproof is to be a band that stands out and is unique. Using violin during our live show as opposed to patches or samples adds an authentic element to our live music that can’t otherwise be replicated. You see the instrument being played rather than hearing it in backing tracks or keyboard patches.
IM: Since 2011, the band has been a big part of the Colorado music scene. What has been your favorite part about the Colorado crowds at shows?
SP: Colorado always has a special place in our hearts. Our home crowd is full of loving fans who show us an incredible amount of love and support. Some of these fans even have our band lyrics and album art tattooed on their bodies. We love the dedication of our fans, and we can truly say we love them. 
IM: Touring can be hard, especially when you’re a band full of college students. What was the biggest struggle you faced on the road and playing shows while also balancing studies?
 SP: Being in a band while also getting through school was definitely a hard thing to balance. We found that coffee shops around the United States became our libraries. We always make sure to have band business sessions with laptops at various coffee shops along the way to catch up on whatever we need to. It’s a win win because they have free wifi and coffee which is also known as tour fuel.
IM: If you could pair up with one other local band to create a new song, which band would it be?
 SP: When thinking of a local band to collaborate with, that is a tough question because we have so many friends in the local scene. We would probably have to go with our friends in Redlands. They have a very solid rock sound and are good friends of ours.
IM: What do you think makes the Colorado music scene so special or what do you feel could improve in the scene?
 SP: We are very proud to be a Colorado band. The music scene in CO is very diverse and supportive. Artists are constantly networking and collaborating with one and other which makes for a thriving music scene. 
IM:  After the Up In Smoke tour a few years ago, the band ran into some difficulties with the bus breaking down, and a number of considerable expenses. How would you say the band has grown from that experience, and what learning experiences have you derived from it?
 SP: The “Up in Smoke” Tour was our first tour as a band and it still to this day is one of the craziest adventures our band has ever been on. The name of the tour became very ironic when our tour bus literally went up in smoke and was in need of some costly repairs. This was an emotional roller coaster when we had the scare of potentially missing our LA show at the famous Whisky a Go Go. Our bus breaking down definitely brought us closer as a band though because it caused us to problem solve in a time of hardship. We were able to leave our van in Oregon and hop on a plane to LA to finish our tour with a bang in California. One thing we realized from this tour is how much we all have each other’s backs. Although touring can involve some stressful times it is important to recognize that we are all on the same team and we can get through anything and overcome.  
IM: Are there any other thoughts you’d like to add?
 SP: Shatterproof is not only a band name but also an important message for our fans. Life can be hard at times, and we all have our own problems but when we got knocked down, we get right back up. We are all shatterproof.
For more information on the band, tour dates, and merch, visit their website here.
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