Infectious Magazine interviewed The Brevet where they talked about their latest album, their history before The Brevet and what they have planned for 2015! Check it out after the jump.

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat. First off, for those of our readers who don’t know about you guys just yet, can you tell them a little bit about yourself?

We are all California boys, and met in a recording studio down south. We instantly hit it off; finding good, creative, productive chemistry in the studio isn’t always easy. We’ve always known how to communicate with one another, give and receive criticism, so we knew from the start this was something special.

Your band name, The Brevet, has a great meaning for your band and in history. It’s a wonderful choice. Going back to the very first conversation about band names, what else were possible choices and how did you guys come to decide this one?

We wanted our name to mean something instead of just being a name. We all had the same kind of drive and fire that came from a place of passion. We all wanted to be pursuing this career from a place of love and passion for the music. From there, Aric has always been a Civil War buff and thought the rank really resembled what we, as a band, stood for. It just made sense for us.

How did you guys go about deciding that this  genre of Americana/Cinematic Rock is what you wanted aim towards rather than any other genre?

It came from a number of different musical backgrounds. Aric had gone to school for acting [and] would always meet back up with Michael in the summer where the they began to compose scores for the student films he was in. I guess it was slowly developing from that. When we met Dave, his background as a jazz drummer really enhanced that sound!  This is just the genre that appealed to us most. Aric’s powerful voice and acting experience lends itself to this sort of epic, cinematic sound, and since we all sing, big full harmonies were a given. Michael has a knack for voicing out chords and orchestral arranging which shaped the sound in this direction.

I read that Aric & Michael started a band in 7th grade and sold their first album to their classmates. That’s awesome. What kind of music were you making back then and what did your classmates think of it at the time?

Haha I don’t know what we were making! We were just learning how to play the guitar and piano and had absolutely no idea how to sing. For some reason whenever we began playing together we never wanted to play covers, it always lead to us making songs. I guess the sound was just a melting pot us trying to imitate other bands we thought we cool. Rufio was definitely one of the bands we loved at that time. Pretty sure our classmates were just being nice or saving it for blackmail.

Do you have any advice you would give to your 7th grade self?

“You’re good kid, but not that good. Here are some albums, go listen to them…”

You’ve obviously come a long way from selling your album to your classmates. Recently you released the first chapter of a three part album, American Novel. Can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to release it this way rather than putting everything out all at the same time?

Our favorite albums are ones that tell a story, that have an overall theme/progression. The 3 chapter concept was a great way to stay focused on our theme throughout the recording process. Especially for cinematic music like ours, releasing ‘American Novel’ in chapters makes sense, and encourages our listeners to start from the beginning of the story.

For the next two chapters, what can our readers expect to hear?

We wish we could tell you.  But then we’d have to kill you… Just kidding. They can expect a bit of a expansion into our “Epic Americana” genre. We are trying to expand our sound and go deeper and deeper into a cinematic tone.

How do you guys go about avoiding sounding like something else that has already been put out?

We haven’t re-invented the wheel. We all have many influences and will consequently sound a little like them. However, I feel like the more we write together, the more we develop a distinguishable sound. This album has taken a huge leap in that direction; we are capturing something that sounds like US!

You’ve had your songs played on CW’s 90210, MLB Network’s Civil Rights Game, The Good Lie trailer, and more. What were your thoughts hearing your songs out there on huge platforms?

It’s awesome! We honestly still can’t fully believe it. We hope it’s affirmation that we’re doing something right, and motivates us to keep on working.

What’s it like being compared to the bands you all actually do admire like Kings of Leon and Mumford & Sons? That’s a huge compliment!

They definitely have been huge idols of ours! Everyone will come up with comparisons, and that’s where we happen to fall. We’re very flattered to have those type of bands come into listeners minds when they hear us.

I’ve read that you guys like to go for that “big cinematic sound” or at least that’s what really pushed the making of The Brevet. If you could choose any movie from the past or any movie that’s currently in the works, what movie soundtrack would you love to be on?

Honestly, we are constantly inspired by films and that effects our writing process quite a bit. There are a lot of movies we would love to be in! The scores from There Will Be Blood and The Assassination of Jesse James have had a huge impact on our writing for this album.

You guys killed it in 2014 and had major accomplishments. With the year slowly wrapping it up, what do you have planned for 2015? I feel like that’ll be your year.

Hell yes! Thank you! At the beginning of this year, we posted a “to do” list in the studio, and we’ve pretty much done all of it, and then some. Although the year’s wrapping up, we’ve got a ton of shows lined up, an album release party, and we anticipate more placements. As for next year, did somebody say tour??!

Lastly, what do you think you would be doing if you weren’t in a band? Would any of you actually head into the military direction?

David would be a farmer
Michael would be a big time business Mogul
Aric would be Mr. Universe
Ben would own a nightclub or two

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