INTERVIEW: The Funeral Portrait

_MG_0007Infectious Magazine’s Kristopher Lincoln sat down to chat with The Funeral Portrait. Check out the interview after the jump and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here


IM: What hardships have you faced as musicians?

LJ: Trying to fit on shows with bands. We sound different. It’s hard to bridge the gap between alternative and indie. But we think Alesana is such a good fit for us. Bands that give off great energy live are important.

IM: Have you found any specific technique to be helpful while writing?

AP: Writing instrumentals and everything as a complete thought and not parts. Each song should have an image. Don’t jam; make sure every detail is logical and calculated. Every part of the song is important. Always make sure you write it the way you want to hear it, you don’t want to get stuck playing music you don’t love.

IM: When you were younger, did you ever imagine you’d be living the life you are now?

AP: Yes.

LJ: I’ve spent the past 10 years of my life playing in bands, and I am very grateful.

SD: Touring with a band like Alesana, they’re Gods to us. We pick them apart on stage and try to learn from them. It’s surreal.

CK: I always imagined myself doing something like this, not working behind a desk.

IM: If you could have one person dead or alive attend your show, who would it be and why?

JL: My grandpa, he’s always supported me.

SD: Tim Heidecker

CK: Thomas Erak

AP: Jesus, it’d be pretty rad if Jesus came to my show. Or Obama, Michelle Obama. (Sarcasm)

LJ: My father whom I never met, I want to show him that even without him I’m fine.

IM: What would be your dream line-up for a tour, whether you’re on the bill or not?

Collectively: The Fall of Troy, My Chemical Romance, Iron Maiden, Opeth, The Blood Brothers.

We would want to play it.

SD: We would open and sell 1,000, 000 pre-sales (sarcasm)

SD: It would be a small club show.

IM: Are you pleased with the reaction to your EP?

Collectively: Yes.

LJ: The reviews are gleaming

CK: Couldn’t ask for a better response

JL: Some critics have said we have a beef with Gene Simmons.

JL: If he ever needs beef, we’re the beef boys and we are willfully influenced.

IM: What is one thing, if nothing else, you want to achieve with this band?

LJ: Already have, actually, two things. One, make it to the show tomorrow and make it home. Two, just keep playing. 5 kids or 10 billion kids just keep playing.

JL: If one person said they enjoy it, then it’s a success.

AJ: Put out a product that we’re satisfied with.


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