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Interview : The Hunna On The Alt. Nation Advanced Placement Tour

the-hunna-690x679Infectious Magazine intern and staff writer, Kerry, got the opportunity to chat with British rockers, The Hunna while in town for the Alt. Nation Advanced Placement Tour. Below the jump  you can read the interview in full, and make sure to check out more of The Hunna’s music by seeing remaining tour dates here or purchasing their debut album 100 here!

Infectious Magazine : From recently forming back in 2011 to releasing your debut album, 100, just earlier this year. What have you guys learned as a young band in this day and age in the industry? Especially being from U.K and gaining an American audience, is everything kinda surreal?
The Hunna : The music industry is hard. Real! Every single day we learn something new. The amount of work that goes into everything, on and off the scenes is tough stuff. Finding the right crew who are just as passionate as us is a challenge but also rewarding once found. Sleep and basic eating is also very challenging. If we see one more burger we may break down and cry haha. We love what we do though, honestly! Hearing feedback from current fans and new listeners really keeps us motivated. We’ve learned how our music connects to people and how it helps them personally within life. That hits home… will forever drive us to keep doing what we love. 100-Livin!
IM : Being this edgy and visceral, pop alt-rock band… what do The Hunna hope to bring to the ever expanding music industry and today’s culture?

The Hunna : We always write about real experiences. We like to think our songs are relatable no matter who you are or what you do. We personally think music out there is lacking that… Be real and be happy in whatever it is you do. We want to be one of the biggest bands in the world. Inspire the generations and die as legends. Always.

IM : That’s amazing that you guys love what you do and want to bring the best to your fans. I understand that you have teamed up with Producer Tim Larcome for the album, who has previously worked with names like Halsey and Lana Del Rey. Has this factor been a huge influence in The Hunna’s music at all?

The Hunna : Tim Larcome is a Squad-Boss! Real good friend of ours. We like to call him Uncle-Tim… When we first met he instantly got The Hunna. He loved our vision and was dead excited to work with us and our music. Mad love for him. He gave us so much knowledge on songwriting and the industry itself. Long live Uncle-Tim!

IM : What is so unique about a tour set up like the AltNation Advanced Placement Tour, that allows all up and coming bands to come together and play?

The Hunna : 100% respect to AltNation for putting this tour together. The exposure for everyone involved is rad. We’re having the best time meeting so many new people and gained brothers for life from both bands. It’s a unique tour with so many benefits.

IM : Any favorite tour dates or stories to share of being on the road?

The Hunna : We had this night in The Hunna-Bus where we smoked a shit load of weed. We all got crazy,crazy baked. Then somehow without the situation being organized… half of us were on one side of the bus and the rest of us were on the other side. For some weird reason we charged at one and other and it turned into a massive tickle fight! So Rock N’ Roll… was hella funny. After we were all like… “what the fuck just happened?”.

IM : What happens on tour, stays on tour right? haha. Being from the U.K, has there been anything majorly different from audiences back home to audiences in America? Or are American crowds responding just the same to the music?

The Hunna : Yeah the American audience seem to be super pumped that we are here in the US playing our music. Legends! They sing along and go hard at every show.

IM : That’s great to hear. You’ve also got tour mates like Night Riots and The Shelters  that are also super unique. What qualities and personalities do they bring to the  AltNation Advanced Placement tour?

The Hunna : Mad love for Night Riots & The Shelters! Both incredible bands who will go really far. When we started this tour we were worried that they wouldn’t be cool but both bands are dope. We all love to hang out in our tour busses and smoke. The conversations we have are well funny! AltNation have put together an awesome lineup. All three of us are different musically and that’s an amazing thing for people who are coming to the shows.

IM : I bet. It keeps things interesting and makes for a great show being a little bit different from one another. For being such a young and new band, where do you hope to see The Hunna moving forward in the next ten years?

The Hunna : Straight world domination baby! To be one of the biggest bands out there, that’s where we plan to be in ten years time.

IM : That sounds pretty promising, you guys are pretty incredible! At Infectious, we tend to put together growing up playlists from staff and artists. Are there any bands or musicians that would stick out as milestones for your lives as inspirations?

The Hunna : Kings of Leon, Highly Suspect, Drake, Foals, Kanye West, Bombay Bicycle Club, Roy Woods, Taylor Swift, Biffy Clyro, Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, Thin Lizzy, Deftones, Katy Perry, Foo Fighters, The 1975, Jimi Hendrix, You Me At Six, Future, AC/DC, The Killers, Rae Sremmurd and many, many more.

IM : Future plans for The Hunna after tour?

The Hunna : 2017 is gonna be a mad one. We have a hell load planned. First, we start off the year with our UK tour which is seriously close to selling out already. Real stoked for that! We will then tour Europe, America and potential Japan and Australia. We are so excited for everything that’s gonna happen!

IM : That’s amazing and seems like it’s going to be a great year! Any last words to our readers at Infectious and fans?

The Hunna : Stay real, stay 1Hunna! Bless the “Hunna-Squad”. Big up to our fans, forever thankful for all of your support. For new viewers… go check out our debut album 100 and get to a show!

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