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INTERVIEW : The Summer Set’s Brian Dales On The ‘Stories For Monday’ Tour

tumblr_o7a38wi1OI1v6ueuoo1_1280Infectious Magazine had the chance to chat with Brian Dales of The Summer Set while currently on the east coast leg on the Stories For Monday tour. We got an inside scoop on the tour, tourmates, personal stories behind the Stories For Monday album and much more.

Check out The Summer Set on tour here, purchase any cd here and read the exclusive interview with Brian Dales in full below the jump!

Infectious Magazine : Hi Brian! This is Kerry from Infectious Magazine. How are you?

Brian Logan Dales : Hey! I’m doing good. How about you?

IM: Doing great. Glad I could chat with you while in the middle of tour. How has life been since the Stories For Monday Tour started?

BLD: We haven’t been doing a lot of touring in the past 2 years, so it’s great to be back on the road. The shows have been incredible. We’re playing the longest set that we’ve ever played and we went to the U.K in the middle of the tour. It’s kinda been exhausting but all in the best ways.

IM: So with tour being so exhausting, and me being a fellow coffee addict I have to ask… how much coffee do you drink while on tour?

BLD: Coffee? Ah well that’s what I’m on my way to right now while talking to you. *laugh*  But uh – I don’t even know.

IM: Don’t even have a number for it?

BLD:  I make coffee every morning. Go for coffee throughout the day. It’s a lot that’s for sure.

IM: As a college kid, I can relate. Coffee is everything.

IM: You are also on tour with some unique bands like Royal Teeth, Handsome Ghost and Call Me Karizma…how has the audience response been?

BLD: It’s been really awesome. It’s very important to us to do this tour and pick out artists that we actually really enjoy and I would want to watch myself. And these are some of my favorite people we’ve ever toured with. Handsome Ghost put out one of our favorite EP’s last year and I was just really excited to get them to come out and tour with us.

IM : Some have called Stories For Monday the TSS “comeback record”. Do you also feel this way or does the album mean something entirely different to you and the band considering the ‘almost breakup’ ?

BLD : I mean, if people are calling it that then I’m totally fine with it. It’s more than just a comeback record for us. I think it’s, kinda in my opinion, a brand new start. A fresh start and a new album. It’s the best record we’ve ever made and I think our fans are responding in the same way and it’s been really exciting.

IM : It is an incredible album and so wonderful that the fan response has been this great. It’s huge for you guys to be able to release this record after being away from music for so long. The quotes in the video for “Wasted” are absolutely beautiful (and from your personal blog posts), and very reminiscent of the quotes used in “Maybe Tonight” from Legendary. Is this sense of inspiration something you look to as a band to pass on to your fans and audience?

BLD : I started the blog posts for myself and I started to really enjoy writing them and they ended up being incorporated in the video.With putting my own thoughts out there, people start to take notice and if they get some sort of inspiration from what we do, then that’s amazing. The fans and myself have sort of found something in those blogs…and it’s been really, really great for me.

IM : “Figure Me Out” holds a huge personal connection to you as in your blog posts you have stated that it was “the song that saved your life”. Are there any other songs on the record that also hold personal connections or stories to either you or other band members?

BLD :  “Figure Me Out” is definitely the most literal, but the whole album speaks as a whole and is equally important to all of us. I think our connection with our fans is so much stronger due to this album being very personal and relatable to so many.

IM : You guys are also playing the last 11 dates of the Vans Warped Tour this summer. Are you excited to be back?

BLD : Yes! We are super excited to be back on. We’ve put in our dues over the years playing 3 full Warped Tours so it’s going to be exciting to come in at the end and knock it out.

IM : What can fans expect from future dates of the Stories For Monday tour?

BLD : Don’t have any plans after… we play a really long set. But it’s also a lot of fun.

IM : Sounds amazing. Any last words for your fans or our readers at Infectious Magazine?

BLD : A big THANK YOU to anyone who has supported us, come out to one of our shows or purchased the album. It’s been a crazy year and we couldn’t be more thankful for our fans and audience.

IM : Awesome! Enjoy playing Atlanta tonight and I will be seeing you guys in Pittsburgh next week! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Enjoy the rest of the tour!

BLD : Thank you!


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