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Interview: The Techinicolors


The Techinicolors dish out on cheestakes, zombies, and new music. Click below to read more about what this band is up to and see photos form their performance that evening here.


Hey Infectious! I’m here with Brennan and Troy of The Technicolors in a tiny little green room at the 9:30 club. To start out we have a fun little icebreaker. You drive into DC and a zombie apocalypse breaks out, who is the most likely member to live?

Brennan Smiley: Troy! Defiantly! I think he’s secretly prepared for that happening.

Do you agree with that?

Troy Lowney: Probably, yeah, more than likely.

You guys have been touring non-stop since you became a band, and I have to ask, as I did my research there is no wiki page on you, do you feel something like that hinders your growth or is it something that you decided not to do?

Brennan: I don’t think we decided either way, I don’t think you can make your own. We don’t know how that works really. I guess it starts with us and others build upon it, like a publicist to build one. There was no conscious decision and we’re still trying to figure ourselves out these last few years so it lends itself well to a clean slate. We never really felt we needed those kinds of things until right about now, especially now that things are more defined.

You said to MTV “During the time we aren’t touring we are making records, it’s a minimum of what’s expected this day and age”. Do you think it’s harder to be a musician this day and age?

Brennan: Yeah, I think if you compare it to what was required or the life of a musician 20-30 years ago there is more to the game. But that’s just because there is more to life like technology and social media. There are all these things that are existing to frame the music. There is more around it, and its more about what you want to use and how you use it.

Do you think this new frame like social media makes it easier for you?

Brennan: Yeah it makes it easier, there are elements that become easier and others that become harder. For me personally, my ADD brain makes it hard to focus on one thing. I feel the pressure of it sometimes, I have to exist in my songs and in the internet and no one really knows what that is. People are still trying to harness the internet. I think it’s harder for me to immerse myself there rather than in music, but there are also times that it’s such a useful tool to reach people that want to hear your music. That’s when it’s a beautiful tool.

Speaking of technology there is the ongoing debate of cell phone usage at shows, What is your opinion? 

Brennan: I hate all of it.

Troy: Yeah I’m not a big cell phone fan either.

Brennan: I think part of it is that I have had so many bad experiences. We actually just got to go see the band Muse play Websters hall in New York City. Which is a really small venue for them and there were so many people there and the person in front of me had the IPhone 6 plus, the biggest one, blocking my view. It was my favorite song, it was the one I listened to when I was 14 years old in high school and I was just so bummed. I think anytime I take pictures at concerts I never look at them, I never want to watch the video or whatever because it’s a terrible version of what actually happened. You lived in that moment, that should have been enough. That’s the beauty in music, it’s such a momentary fleeting thing. I’m not a fan of that sub-culture.

Makes sense, there is an ongoing joke with photographers, that like photographers you should get 3 songs to use your phones and then put them away.

Brennan: I’m all for photographers using any technology they can because you guys use it as an art. As professionals you are there to create that work but as enjoyers of a show, I hate it so much.

You produced your first album by yourselves and are well versed in the recording process. Some of our readers are tech geeks, what was your favorite microphone and plug-in you used in the recording process?

Brennan:  Like Pro-Tools? I’m not very well versed. I’m blanking on the mic we used on “Sweet Time” that particular tune we used a different mic than the rest of the album, it was a bit more expensive but it wasn’t crazy expensive. We had a buddy of ours come out and help set a couple things up. I can’t remember the mic.

How do you feel this mystery mic helped achieve a particular sound?

Brennan: I think there was a nice presence to the mic and brought you into the track a little bit more. Most of the vocals on that record are very lo-fi and Slapbacky, but that song was clearer because of the microphone.

Is there any new music you guys are working on?

Brennan: We put out an EP about a month ago. It was an interesting process we came to that batch of tunes. We recorded a completely different EP last summer?

Troy: Yeah, Summer.

Brennan: Yeah in August or September

Troy: It was really, really, hot.

Brennan: We recorded that one in the same style as the first record, but we didn’t release those and are still sitting on them, trying to figure out what we want to do with them. In the mean time we had the opportunity to record more music, so we did. All of us really wanted to try new things musically and push ourselves, so we wrote five more and created the EP in just a couple weeks. We managed to create it just in time for it to be ready for this tour. It was really exciting. Honestly, it feels like a great foundation for the next season of the band. It was a nice way to start the tour and put us all in a nice headspace to write and record more for a second album.

Is there an expected time for the new music? Like next summer?

Brennan: It’s hard to tell because we haven’t even started it yet. But we are super excited to do it. We don’t know if it’s going to be an EP or an album but new music is on its way.

So I’ve read that you aren’t a fan of cheese, Brennan, and just love fruit. What’s the food you try to eat on tour? You mentioned that you have been going through Red Bull a lot on this tour.

Troy: They delivered Red Bull to us at one of our shows.

Brennan: Yeah they brought us a case of like 200 and that was what kicked off that habit for me because we had so many.

Troy: We still have a lot left.

Brennan: I really like cheese I am just allergic to dairy and that plus singing doest work well. It’s funny I said I liked fruit because I haven’t had any in a while.

Troy: We haven’t had fruit all tour.

Brennan: This is probably the least healthy tour we have ever done. We started out strong.

Troy: But then you hit the east coast where we go to all these places that have fries in the sandwiches.

Brennan: There was a week we could not escape French fries, like Niko got a wrap and it had French fries in it and then he had a burger and had fries in it. That was the start of the downhill.

Troy: We had great cheesestakes last night in Philly.

Where did you guys go?

Brennan: Its called Rustica its amazing. It’s a little hole in the wall joint.

I’ve always heard of Jim’s Cheesteak as the go to place in Philly.

Brennan: Yeah we almost went there. What’s the other one?

Troy: Geno’s

Brennan: That’s what everyone was saying, our buddy lives in Philly and he was like “You can go there and it’s awesome and let me show you this place that’s better”. So he did and they delivered to us at the venue. It was pretty unreal.

What are some of the things you do off stage while on tour?

Troy: I read a lot and listen to a lot of music.

Brennan: The nature of this tour is so high volume from the time we get to the venue by the time that we leave, and its non-stop all night. When we aren’t at a venue we are driving to the next one. Our van has a TV and Playstation in it and we haven’t used it once, because everyone is trying to catch up on sleep that we didn’t get the night before. That’s just the nature of the tour, we don’t have a ton of days off.

Alright, if you could go on stage tonight with any band alive or dead who would you go play with?

Brennan: Jeff Buckly.

Popular answer.

Brennan: You have to go with someone who is deceased because these days you can just make a phone call or tweet them and work with someone

Troy: Joy Division, that’s my pick. I feel like that would be something, I don’t know what it would be.

Brennan: I could see you playing with them.

Parting words?

Brennan: Check out our new EP “Ultraviolet Disguise” and thanks for listening to our music.

Thanks guys!

Brennan and Troy: Thank you!

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