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INTERVIEW: Trophy Wives

Trophy WivesInfectious Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Providence, Rhode Island pop punk band Trophy Wives while in Florida supporting the Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour. Lots of laughs and good times were shared as the band discussed creating moments, the secret formula to being successful, and how L.A. is one hell of a motivating town.

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Trophy Wives have many tour dates coming up, including a tour with Lions Lions and Everyone Dies in Utah starting in April. Do not miss these guys when they come to a town near you! To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

Also, be sure to follow Trophy Wives on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Infectious Magazine: First off…

Travis Danforth: Wooooo!

IM: (laughs) Amazing show!

Trophy Wives: Thank you!


IM: How are you guys and how’s the tour so far?

Tyler Young: Fantastic and fantastic!

Chris Piquette: Yes, exactly! We love this.

TD: The tour’s been great. It’s our first time all the way down the east coast as this group, and it’s been fun. We had a great time in Charleston, South Carolina. They treated us very well. We had a good time in Poughkeepsie, New York as well. Now we’re in Orlando, and it’s awesome!

TY: Finally some warm weather!

Mike Crawley: Get my tan on.


IM: I saw you guys were at Disney World today.

Trophy Wives: Yeah, we were!

IM: How was that?

CP: Fantastic!

MC: For my first time, awesome!

IM: (To Mike Crawley) Oh it was your first time? Was it anyone else’s first time?

TD: Sam and Mike, it was their first time at Disney World.

MC: And I cried on the Tower of Terror.

TD: We took Mike on the Tower of Terror. He didn’t want to do it at first. But we took him on it and he was just clenched the whole time!

Sam Boxold: We took him on the Rockin’ Rollercoaster first to get his adrenaline up, and then he felt brave for a minute. By the time he got in there, he wasn’t brave anymore. He was just shitting his pants again.


IM: You guys have shared the stage with numerous big name bands in the short amount of time you’ve been together. If you could choose any band to tour with…

CP: All Time Low!!!

TY: Especially now with their new album coming out.

CP: They’re just so big and they look like they have so much fun at every show.

MC: They’d be some cool guys to hang out with. They’d just be fun.


IM: You guys are fairly young.

TD: We’re all between 20 – 25.

CP: We’re all 12 – 17.

IM: So I am almost older than all of you.

MC: I would’ve never known. You could rock 16 for like the next five years.

IM: What advice would you give to kids who want to start bands or get their break in the industry?

CP: Talk to people. Everybody.

MC: Yeah, knowledge is the best thing, honestly.

CP: Make friends. Be the band that’s the first band at the door and the last band out. The one that says “Hi” to everybody and says “Bye” to everybody. The one that never misses a handshake.

TD: Never quit.

CP: And take it seriously, because a lot of bands think they’re just doing a hobby. But if you ask them, they’ll say, “Yeah, we’d love to tour, we’d love to become a band and do this for a living. Blah blah blah.” But then you find them just treating it like a hobby. Things can get real a lot faster than you imagine if you meet the right people and if you work hard.


IM: How would you describe a Trophy Wives show to someone who has never seen you guys live?

MC: Alright, I got this! You take a nuclear bomb and you strap some fireworks to it… Where am I going with this?

CP: You have a large dance team.

MC: Yep, you throw in some lions, some bears…

TD: Some double bass drum.

MC: Some acrobatics. It’s that much excitement on one stage, just from five guys.

IM: I’d have to agree that that’s very accurate.

CP: A lot of people like electronic music these days, and will elect to see a guy with a computer over a band, and we’d like to be the reason a band cannot be replaced by a computer.

TD: We love to have fun on stage. We take a lot of pride and put a lot of effort into what we do on stage. We want people to notice that.


IM: You have a lot of tour dates coming up in the next couple of months. How do you keep your energy up traveling from city to city, especially when you consider how energetic your shows are?

CP: Protein!

TD: To be honest, alcohol.

CP: Yeah, yeah, that’s better!

TD: It’s tough, it’s really difficult to eat while on the road. And it’s difficult to travel overnight.

SB: You get stuck eating lots of Clif Bars and Lucky Charms.

Everyone: Samuel Clif Bar!

TD: I don’t know if we have a good answer for that yet. We’re still so fresh on this tour.

MC: It takes a toll. You wanna go home and you wanna just crash. Last time we had a tour, it was a like five-day tour, and it took me like three or four days to recoup. It’s such a killer, especially for drummers. I feel for the guys who do month-long tours, three-month tours, year tours.

CP: Hardest working dude in the band, right there.


IM: Since you do so much traveling, do you guys have a favorite city or venue that you’ve played?

CP: Charleston was really cool. Charleston, we walked around all day. We took so many iPhone photographer pictures. We used a lot of filters. We had a good time.

MC: Selfies for days.

TD: This show, though, was amazing!

MC: Orlando is amazing!

TY: I love this venue actually.

SB: This venue itself is really rad.

TD: Yeah, it’s super punk rock. It has really cool vibes. Everyone’s really nice.

MC: Between the buildings, the venue, the people, this feels like home, honestly.


IM: The last time I saw you guys perform, which was technically the first time, I noticed there was a strong connection between you all. You guys do synchronized jumps and you’re very spatially aware of each other.

SB: It’s because we hate each other. (laughs)

CP: Spatially aware is an awesome term for it.

IM: You were even aware of the cameras. I saw you hamming it up a bit whenever you noticed a camera, which was awesome. I’ve never seen that before.

CP: When you think back at a show, you realize you’re creating every moment a second at a time. I mean, a few weeks ago, we definitely weren’t as dialed in as we are now. And when you start to play your show every night – which we’ve been a band that’s only played two shows in a row, like a Friday and Saturday, then we wait a few weeks, and play another show. But being a band that starts to play like 10 shows in a row, you start to notice things and you realize that you can make more out of your show if you just pay attention to the little details. The guys with the cameras are capturing the fun, so you want it to look fun.

TD: And Chris said it best, you’re creating moments for people. We’re playing in front of kids who have no idea who we are. You do not want them to forget who you are when you leave that stage.

MC: They pay money, so we should give them something to remember.

CP: You can’t be normal.

TD: We’re giving them a show. That goes back to when we were talking about our performance and our energy on stage. We’re not just about the music, we’re about putting on a show. It’s so fun!

MC: And what’s better than going home and going to sleep thinking ‘Wow! I can’t wait ‘til they come back around!’?

CP: And then looking at the photos and just remembering.

IM: So this connection, it wasn’t from day one? You had to develop it over time?

TD: It’s been a long time coming, I think, especially for these two guys (points to Chris and Mike) because they are original members. For the five of us though, I think it clicked really fast!

CP: We added Sam and Tyler to the band after Warped Tour, and it was a month or so that we practiced before we were on stage together. And they were big shows, good spotlights immediately. And we don’t feel like we had a curve getting into it. A lot of people ask about our synchronized stuff and ask if we choreographed and put time into it, and the answer is honestly no, we don’t. We’re fans of each other. We’re all in a band together because we’ve seen each other play music before and we want to play music together. And if we look around and see somebody do something we like, it builds off of it. If I see Travis jump at a spot we usually don’t jump, and I like it, the next time that part of the song comes up, I’m going to do it.

IM: Like I said, I had never seen a band so in synch with each other, and I knew there was something going on between you guys.

SB: It’s good!

TD: I’m really glad you noticed that because we find it valuable and we enjoy it. Hopefully it’s a selling point for us.


IM: At Infectious, we do this feature called a “Growing Up” Playlist. It’s where our writers put together 10 songs to help define who they are. If I was to ask each of you to put together a playlist, what’s one band or song that would definitely have to be on yours?

SB: Four Year Strong would have to be on there.

PC: Four Year Strong’s on the list, All Time Low’s on the list.

TY: I’m gonna throw The Used on there because I used to be obsessed with The Used back in the day. “The Taste of Ink,” that’s my song.

MC: I’m gonna throw a monkey in the wrench and say MGK “What I Do.”

CP: Mike is probably the wild card in our band, as a drummer and as a musical influence. Mike plays hip-hop all day.

TD: This kid goes from hip-hop to country, and barely ever listens to what we play.

MC: It’s weird, but it works.


IM: You released a preview for your song “Threshold” a few months ago…

CP: Here we go. “Where’s the song?!” We are as eager as you guys are to get the song out. There’s a lot that goes into putting out a video and making the right eyes and ears see and hear it. It’s very important to take the right steps. We’re honestly just taking our time and finding the right connections. There’s no point in putting out a video that just hits the people who already know you. We really want to let people know what we’re all about.

TY: We want to market it right.

CP: Well, ideally…. Do I not say it?

TD: No! No!

CP: It’s coming soon. Sooner than you think.

IM: So does this mean we can be expecting a new EP from you guys any time soon?

CP: “Threshold” is actually kind of a hold-me-over for us. We’re writing towards a full-length. We have a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we cannot talk about in this interview. We’d love to. But we’ll probably not put out anymore original content before our full-length comes out. And that may not be this year. We’re going to put every ounce of effort into it.

MC: We’re just hoping to travel the world and see what we have.

TD: We’ve got some fun stuff in the works.

SB: Some cool stuff in the hat.

MC: (coughs) Some cover videos (coughs) Some Bruno Mars cover videos (coughs)


IM: How do you approach writing and creating new music, especially when your lineup changes?

CP: We got a big present when we changed lineups because Sam is an incredible songwriter and he brings something to the table that we didn’t have in the past. Our old singer, his name is Pat, he’s a great guy and an incredible singer. We wrote really well with him and he’s responsible for a lot of the material you hear. He’ll always be a part of the band in one way. What Sam brings in is a production mind. You can hear more than just the vocal. It’s the way the rest of us are as well. It’s hard for instrumentals to take pride in what they do and also set up a song that works with vocals the best way it can, and not overplay. But at the same time, when you have a vocalist that can tie back into what you’re doing  you can put together music that’s fun for the guitarist, fun for the drummer, fun for the bassist. The vocals are still set up like a pop song, and you end up with the formula.

SB: Secret Krusty Krab formula.

TY: The Big Mac formula.


IM: You guys recently signed with Artery Global for booking. How do you hope that will further your career?

SB: It involves guarantees half the time.

TD: It helps us land shows like this. I mean, this show in particular may not be directly because of Artery, but having Artery – they’re just a support group. It’s tough being a band and managing everything you do. And when you’re on tour, it’s even more difficult because you have show after show after show. Artery allows us to sit back and focus on what we do best, and let them have a handle and support us as a band on the business end.

MC: It allows us to be more friendly with people here, rather than being all business.

TY: And because of them, we ended up getting that Lions Lions tour we have in April. It’s Lions Lions and Everyone Dies in Utah. That’s gonna be a great time. It’s out in Texas and California and out west.

CP: For a band that’s writing towards a full-length and can’t put out more material until that’s done, it’s all about our live show and traveling right now. We want to get as many ears hearing our stuff as possible. There’s no better way of doing that than having someone who can book you across the nation.


IM: You went to L.A. for the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands recently. How was that whole experience?

TD: We need to shout out to Ernie Ball Music Man right now.

CP: And John Feldman.

TD: John Feldman was the man. I got to meet him. He loved us. He’s such a punk-rock dude. He saw our set and he said “You guys are so cool!” Overall though guys, L.A., what did you think?

TY: Fantastic!

CP: Life changing! It was a real life wake-up call that we could do this.

MC: It was definitely a kick in the ass.

SB: Kick in the ass!

TY: There’s definitely a whole new motivation behind this group now since L.A.

MC: Oh yeah. It brought us all closer.

TD: And we’re all on the same page with what’s possible. Instead of chasing our own ideas of what’s to come, we’re all going towards one thing now. L.A. definitely helped.

CP: And we got those beautiful Ernie Ball guitars that we play for free. And they are incredible.

MC: Shout out to Vans.

SB: Free shoes!

TD: Vans and Vans Warped Tour. Kevin Lyman, thank you so much for having us. That was awesome.


IM: Idobi Radio recently named you guys as a band that deserves to be signed. Is that ultimately your next goal or is it more long term?

MC: I mean, we agree but…

TD: Yes it is. I consider it a goal. A lot of what we’re working on leads up to that.

CP: We want to be in good company. We want to have friends to go out with on tour and bands to work with that are in reach for us. Not just our friends we know now.

SB: We want to continue with a good support train, where we can continue to do it the way we want to do it. And also have people that are going to guide us in the right direction.

CP: It’s a good balance. It’s what we have with our booking agent right now. We have our own input and direction where we want to go, but we also have him being stern with us when he needs to. We want to keep building a team.


IM: And I know it’s still early in the year, but what do you think 2015 holds for you guys?

CP: A lot of shows like tonight! A lot of shows like tonight!

MC: A lot of craziness.

TD: I’m gonna say a lot of shows.

CP: We have seven very big shows in particular we are going to announce and I can’t say anymore than that.

TD: A lot of shows and some surprises.


IM: Do you have any final comments for our readers?

TD: We love everybody that read this.

SB: Literally!

CP: Message us and talk to us!

TD: Come see us when we’re near your city!

CP: We’re normal people, not weirdos.

IM: Ehhhh….(laughs)

TY: (laughs) She debated the weirdo thing.

CP: Oh we’re weirdos!

MC: We’re just as weird as everyone else though, so it’s cool.


IM: Thank you guys so much!

CP: Thank you for interviewing us!




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