Interview: Skip The Foreplay

Credits: Dominic Gouin

Infectious Magazine interviews Fillion and Chuck of Skip The Foreplay on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. You can check it out below!

IM: How are you guys feeling, being so far from home?

Fillion: We have so much fun here, that we can not think about that. Every day is a different day, we’re working really hard so we don’t have any time to talk about it. We talk about it a little bit but it’s not a big thing. Now, we’re just focused on getting our name known, playing shows, going around, meeting people, so we don’t have time for that.

Chuck: It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and it’s also the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

IM:  What do you guys feel that on a band & personal level you bring to the music industry?

Fillion: That’s a good one. Because I think we have a different sound from every band that’s playing now. We’re trying something different and people are reacting good.

Chuck: It’s kind of funny because if you see the comments on Youtube, a lot of people that say either “Oh my God, this is so generic, this is so like everyone else.”  Or, you’ve got the other side where people say “They’re so different from everyone else.” So, we’re not sure what to think, if we’re cool or not cool.

IM: You can’t please everybody.

Chuck, haha, yeah, especially not on Youtube.

Fillion: I remember when we had our first breakout, our first video we put out on Youtube, before we got signed, we had almost 50 thousand views in one day and 80 percent of the comments were talking shit about us, but it was cool, we still got 50 thousand views in a day.

Chuck: People who talk shit, are people who love your band.

IM: Congratulations on that though, that’s great! If you could ask your fans any question-because I know they ask you a lot of questions-what would you like to ask them?

Fillion: Do you skip the foreplay?

Chuck: I actually want to do a poll, of guys and girls [that asks] “do you want to skip the foreplay”?  We should do that one day.

IM: Fuse has been streaming a lot of sets from Warped Tour, making it possible for fans who aren’t able to attend, to see some of the action. What do you think are some of the benefits and challenges in the constant evolution of technology?

Fillion: I bought my first book, on this tour, since ten years, so I’m actually reading on tour. It’s the biography of Ozzy Osbourne, so I’m reading about how music was in the 70s’ and everything is totally, totally, totally different. So I guess technology makes it harder, from what I’ve read in the book. If you a band and you were good, you got signed, had millions of dollars and buses. So I guess it was cooler back then, there weren’t as many bands as there are right now. Right now, everyone’s in a band, so it’s pretty hard. I guess it’s because of technology. Internet and shit.

IM: How would you describe Warped Tour so far in one word?

Chuck: Hot. Painful. Hard.

Fillion: But it’s so, so, so cool.

Chuck: Yep. The food is good, I love the catering, the food is amazing. I’ve never eaten so good in my life. When I’m home, I eat McDonalds and bad stuff and when I’m here, I eat really good, so it’s pretty cool.

IM: How do you guys plan to get one step closer to changing the music industry?

Chuck: I don’t think we would change anything.

IM: Just add to it?

Chuck: Yeah, just fuck around and have fun. That’s what we do.

Fillion: Play music, that’s it.

Chuck: We love it.

IM: And then just anything else you’d like to add?

Fillion: If you don’t know us, just go check it out on the internet. I think we’re a pretty decent band, especially live. So check it out, Facebook, Youtube, anything and that’s it.

Chuck: We have a couple tours that will be up soon on Facebook. We don’t have any dates yet, but it will be up in maybe a couple of weeks but you guys check us out and we’ll be back soon, in your town or close to your town.

IM: Thank you very much!

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