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It Lives, It Breathes Sign To Stay Sick Records

it lives, it breathesIt Lives, It Breaths have signed to Stay Sick Records. The metalcore band has now joined the record’s roster alongside Old Again. The record label is a relatively new side project of Attila frontman Chris Fronzak.

Since the big announcement, the band have released a music video for their song “IndepenDance Day.” The track sounds like a mix of metal, post-hardcore and electronic music. It’s an interesting mix but it seems works well for the band. Check out the music video below the jump and let us know what you think of the song.

Fronz said that the band is the future of music. “They have a unique sound spanning multiple genres and their songs are guaranteed to be stuck in your head after just one listen. This is only the beginning for ILIB, the future belongs to them,” he said.

In a few weeks, the band will go on tour with Farewell, My LoveFamous Last Words and Sycamour. To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here or buy concert tickets here.

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