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iTunes Gets Strict With Cover Criteria

itunesThis one may be a bit off-book for the news normally covered by Infectious Magazine. However, it is notable that iTunes recently made an announcement that says, covers released in the future will need to pass several strict criteria before being allowed to be sold through Apple. Songs cannot have the original performer’s name and bands may not use other artist names in their own. Tribute bands are the most common example of the latter. These covers must also not sound too similar to the original.

So what is the reasoning for such strict guidelines for cover releases? Digital sales have massively plummeted over the last couple of years as we enter an age of streaming, and covers are hardly in demand. This is important for those who frequently download covers from bands (a common occurrence, just search the through the tag named “cover”). Apple has said that they need to “clean up” the iTunes store, and there is where they shall begin.


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