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Jack White Apologizes To The Black Keys

Jack WhiteJack White is a very opinionated person, which is probably part of what makes him such an interesting artist. But with strong opinions comes equally strong backlash from what you said. It is safe to say that what Jack has said about other artists, specifically what was said in his interview with Rolling Stone, rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

As much as I love Jack White and his music, I did think that he had been becoming somewhat of a ‘diva’ after I heard about what he said concerning the Black Keys last year, and my hunch was solidified when I read his latest interview with Rolling Stone (in which he was also on the cover of).

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the condensed version of the White’s controversial stances on fellow artists today:

First, emails to his former wife, model/singer/songwriter Karen Elson, were leaked by TMZ that said Jack wanted his and Karen’s kids taken out of their school since it was the same school that Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach’s daughter attends. In the emails, he also called Auerbach some choice words, and said that keeping his kids at that school would give Auerbach “yet another free reign to follow me around and copy me and push himself into my world.” Granted those were PRIVATE emails to his wife in the midst of a nasty divorce, and they were not intended to be shown publicly. But we all know that privacy is not a word in TMZ’s vocabulary.

But that wasn’t the last that we would hear of Jack’s beef with the Black Keys. Just last week, the newest issue of Rolling Stone was published in which the musician basically said that the Black Keys were riding off the coat tails of White with the resurgence of bluesy rock that Jack White made popular with his former band, the White Stripes. In the interview, White also compares the Black Keys ‘copying him’ to artists like Adele, Duffy, and Lana Del Ray and how they are similarly taking part in a bluesy, female fronted sound that the late-great Amy Winehouse made mainstream during her career.

Pretty strong statements huh? Well apparently Jack may be finally realizing that as well, (or simply trying to slow down the incredible backlash he’s received) because he made a public apology to all those offended by his words in a post on his website.

In this, Jack wishes the best for all artists that he’s slammed before, including the Black Keys. But he also makes sure to stress that he only answered questions so as not to be portrayed in a petty way by Rolling Stone if he had gone for the option of simply saying, “no comment.”

So what do you think of Jack’s apology? Was it genuine? Does “rock ‘n’ roll’s Willy Wonka” have a sweet side? Or was the apology made in an effort to try and redeem himself and just “white noise?” Let us know by commenting below, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets for Jack White here.


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