Jack White Talks U2 Cover For “Gatsby” Soundtrack

2012JackWhiteJM260412For the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby, blues-rocker Jack White offers a dark and twisted cover of U2’s “Love is Blindness.”  As it turns out, White’s take on the song has not only been around for a while (it was featured on a U2 tribute album as well as a b-side for his single “Sixteen Saltines”) but it also has a deeply personal meaning for him.  “I talked to Jay-Z a lot,” White told Rolling Stone, referring to the rapper who is the Executive Producer for the soundtrack. “We went back and forth on a lot of ideas. But the one that I kept thinking about, the one that was interesting just for me, was the “Love Is Blindness” track. This was bigger than just a tribute record.  It came off so powerful, we had to ask if we could put it somewhere else.”

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