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Infectious Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Schendzielos of Job For A Cowboy. Check it out below to find out where you can hear the band will be playing 3 brand new songs, Schendzielos’ personal goals regarding Bass Player Magazine and the importance of bass in metal.

Infectious Magazine: Nick, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Nick Schendzielos: Doing awesome! Hanging out in Nagoya, Japan right now and watching some sumo wrestling. I really enjoy getting to come to countries like this and experience whole other worlds so to speak.

IM: It’s been an exciting month or so for you guys, signing to Metal Blade Records and your most recent album, Demonocracy coming out. How has the response been to everything both with fans, and personally?

Nick Schendzielos: The response has been really phenomenal. People have been saying really nice things about the record and the playing on it so that definitely is a positive signal. What I personally think is awesome is winning over the people who have written this band off as a no-talent myspace deathcore act. People who have “cred” are listening to the record and saying “Shit. This is actually good death metal.”

IM: If you were to write your own review of Demonocracy, what would you say?

Nick Schendzielos: I would say it’s a pretty damn monstrous riff mansion. There’s a lot of attention to detail, and a seriously considerable amount of thought and time put into. I dig the bass being up in the mix for sure!

IM: I read that you had considered opening a gummy bear factory! Is that true, or was it just a joke? Regardless, what other ventures/surprises do you have up your sleeve that fans are currently unaware of?

Nick Schendzielos: That was sort of a joke. But not really, I mean Jonny has this super weird/creepy gummy bear fetish thing. It’s like that movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson you know where if his character sees a copy of Catcher in the Rye he has to purchase it, except with Jonny it’s gummy bears. So we sort’ve figured it’d be funny if we just started our own brand and then the dude will be satiated.

IM: Your addition to the lineup has been said numerous times to be paramount to the band’s improved sound. How has that pressure been, and what do you personally feel has helped the band progress in such a successful way?

Nick Schendzielos: Well I guess I would thank whoever has said that to start. I really think a band is comprised of all the members, with no one person deserving the spotlight. To me, Tony coming in with his virtuoso playing and mixing with the writing and playing experience of a guy like Al is what really set the “tone” for the record and new progression of the band. They laid the groundwork for me to come in and have a place to bass around. What I will say is that I attribute the bass guitar itself as being paramount to improving the bands sound. On prior releases and in a lot of metal in general actually, the bass is such an afterthought. It’s almost like a button or a plugin you can just put on the guitars in protools. Even if there is decent bass work on a record, the producer or engineer or whoever gets all scared of it being “too prevalent” (which to my ears means they think that if it’s audible at all next to the 8 tracks of guitar, then it’s too loud). I think the dudes brought me on knowing that my approach to bass in metal is quite a bit more involved and present than the status quo, and if that’s all transferring to the listener than I’m really happy.

IM: What can fans expect from your performance on Summer Slaughter this year?

Nick Schendzielos: Expect a super tight set, with at least 3 new songs. We’ve been running this machine for the first half of the year getting it all tuned up, and we’re playing along the greatest players in the genre on the Summer’s Slaughter tour- (Cannibal Corpse, BTBAM, the Faceless, etc.) so we’d better be at a peak state!

IM: What’s something you’d like to do that you haven’t yet had the opportunity for (musically or personally)?

Nick Schendzielos: I personally would like to get an article in Bass Player magazine. Always thought that would be a major personal goal. Been in ads in the mag, but never a featured article. I would also really love to play Red Rocks in Colorado. In my opinion, it’s the greatest venue in the world, and I’ve seen almost every one of my favorite acts play there.

IM: What is one question you’d like to be asked, but never have been, and what is the answer?

Nick Schendzielos: “Hey I don’t know what to do with all this money, can I give you at least half of it?”

–  “Yes”

IM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nick Schendzielos: Thank you! Appreciate the interview. I would just say check out my Youtube bass video channel. It’s a good time.

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