Justin Goodrich-Hard Rock Cafe

It’s no secret that Infectious Magazine loves acoustic musician Justin Goodrich. There is something charming about not only the man behind the music, but the music itself.
As patrons pile into Boston’s Hard Rock Café, and Goodrich takes the stage, I’m faced with a pretty sizeable crowd. Familiar faces, and soon to be fans, the Hard Rock is anything but desolate on this Friday night.

Audience interaction is high as he kicks off his performance and makes sure to include them in humorous jokes, and personal anecdotes. Throughout his 45 minute set, consisting of both originals and covers, there’s never a dull moment. From fans dancing to his song “In The Night” to audience members recording his set-it’s no surprise they want to walk away from this night with captured memories.

At one point during a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison” I hear a man whisper to his friend “24….he’s 24” in disbelief. However the disbelief doesn’t end there as soon after comes another moment in which Goodrich himself is caught a little off guard, as a fan rushes to the stage to request an older song of his. Graciously, Goodrich obliges and launches into “With All My Heart” gaining even more audience attention throughout this poignant song.

As the night comes to a close, audience members rush over to Goodrich as he leaves the stage. Handshakes and hugs, compliments and admiration are easily handed out-and why shouldn’t they be? As always, Goodrich has performed brilliantly.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

Founder of Infectious Magazine & Muddy Paw Public Relations. Lover of passion, ice cream, and books.

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