Justin Goodrich-A Revenant Affair

Hailing from Boston’s FNice Records, comes 24 year old Justin Goodrichwith a fresh, new sound- one which you don’t generally find within the clubs of Boston.

Through the release of his third album, A Revenant Affair, Goodrich captures his audience in a most unique way, while demonstrating his innate musical ability.

With each track, Goodrich’s voice brings a captivating new level to his music-a territory well covered by melodic guitar and beautifully incorporated keyboard. It is almost as if he is serenading his audience. With lyrics such as “”Deeper in between the arms of love and hate,  lies buried beneath the stains of your regret.” It’s easy to get swept away into this artist’s mind and melodies.

Other personal favorites from A Revenant Affair include “Loving You Is Killing Me.”, “In the Night, “You, My Love”, and of course, the above mentioned “Deeper Inside”, which provides rather touching inflections within the song. But it doesn’t stop there-each track is a new exploration through various chords and lyrics. Truth be told, the album had me hooked from beginning to end.

Throughout the album, I’m never once bored-and I believe that’s what makes it so unique amongst other acoustic albums out there. It is also incredibly versatile,  with both an array of hopeful, charismatic melodies and a much softer side-one which allows for relaxation and reflection.

With three albums already under his belt, and a DVD release of the documentary The Haunted Boy: Secret Diary of The Exorcist, in which  Goodrich plays The Haunted Boy (Oh yeah, did we mention this musician can also act?) it’s no wonder he has already secured future projects. Among them is Conquest Pictures’ sophomore film, The Pact, directed by Rob Fitz. Their first release was titled “God of Vampires” and was released internationally.

With all this talent, and new projects in the works, it doesn’t look like Goodrich is slowing down anytime soon-and we can’t wait to see what he has in store.

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To watch Justin Goodrich’s exclusive acoustic performance, including two songs from A Revenant Affair visit us here.

To check out our interview with Justin Goodrich visit us here.

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