KDrew Interview!

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Infectious Magazine: Hi Kevin, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

KDrew: It’s my pleasure. I’m great. Just busy working hard!

IM: You are releasing seven EPs on the first of each month through May, correct? That’s a pretty busy schedule! How have you been keeping up with it and what inspired that goal?

KDrew: Yep I’m putting out 7 and it does get hectic. But I have a huge library of music that I’ve made over the years. So there’s kind of a mix of old and new songs. The ultimate goal is to just get music to the people! Nowadays there is so much music coming out so what better way to keep up then putting out 7 EP’s, one every month! lol.

IM: Having co-founded Indie Music Group, can you tell us how that has helped shape your music? And also how it has helped your understanding of the industry?

KDrew: Well IMG gives me the chance to look at my project as an a&r and all the other business aspects of a label. I feel like I’ve become more responsible also. Its like if I don’t get the records done or kill it in a meeting I’m letting myself and team down. It’s helped me understand the industry by letting me and my team try different things that the industry doesn’t do. That’s the beauty of Indie.

IM: From a business standpoint, how do you hope that both the general public and potential artists signing to Indie Music Group view the label?

KDrew: I want everyone to look at IMG as a good model for the new music industry. We put our hearts into everything and work very hard.

IM: You’ve said that you tried to study music in school, but realized that avenue wasn’t working for you. What have you been able to learn through experience and what would you suggest music education programs implement to better achieve that kind of learning?

KDrew: I did study music in school. It didn’t work for me because I just felt like some things were misleading. I’ve learned that its not a degree that gets you in the business. It’s your drive, passion and motives that get you where you wanna be. And I think everything else you need to learn, you’ll only find out through experience. This business is crazy!

IM: I understand your EP was streaming on AOL music during the week of November 7th! What artists are you personally looking forward to or hoping to hear in future sessions?

KDrew: I really hope to hear Coldplay soon. They are my favorite band and also some of the best writers/musicians around right now. It would definitely be awesome.

IM: What would you like fans to take away from your music?

KDrew: I want my fans to take whatever they want from it. They could be having a bad day and I want my music to make them better. They could be partying and I want to be the one they are partying to. However I could make a difference in their life is the ultimate goal.

IM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

KDrew: Thank you again Infectious Magazine! And also if you want to find out more about me or download some of my free music go to KDrewMusic.com!

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