Little Barrie, Brighton Music Hall

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As I walk through the doors at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA, the feel good vibes start to wash over me. With the DJ transmitting infectious funk stylings over the speakers, I get myself a drink and stand in the middle of the floor patiently anticipating the U.K.’s Little Barrie.

Without delay the three band members make their way to the stage led in by lead vocalist/guitar player Barrie Cadogan. Immediately, the swag of these Brit-Rock natives sets the cool as ice tone as they cycle through the beginning of their set list. For being a trio, these guys keep their energy, musicianship and straight up raw songwriting ability close to heart, because they never miss a beat. The term “power trio,” I feel gets tossed around willy nilly most of the time, but here is a band I would expect to throw that name at and see them catch it with ease. All the while you can see Cadogan up on stage, guitar behind his head, playing a lick and singing his heart out into the mic. Not to mention the completely solid rhythmic persona of the band with Virgil Howe gracing the throne and Lewis Wharton on bass, this is a live act you will be lucky to see in America. Not many bands ooze energy like these guys, and even less do it with such grace and swag. If you get the chance, get out and see Little Barrie.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

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