Leading Us Absurd: When Did Christmas Music Start to Suck?

Our friends at Leading Us Absurd recently posted a great article about the evolution of Christmas music. Check out an excerpt below and the full article here.

Every year around this time, we’re bombarded with Holiday-themed albums from major artists.  Neo-crooners like Michael Buble, Harry Connick, Jr. and Josh Groban have certainly attempted to capture the singing styles of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby over the years. They seem so intent on paying homage to the days of old, but the music itself doesn’t suggest this. It’s as like if John Coltrane had played with Kenny G: they bothtechnically play same genre (I’m saying this very loosely), but only one pushed boundaries and changed musical history.

There a few exceptions to this trend.  A Very She & Him Christmas is charming and delightful in its retro feel and Zooey Deschanel’s soulful singing.  Then there’s Bob Dylan’s bizarrely traditional Christmas in the Heart and Cee-Lo’s Magic Moment. Yet, both of those albums still manage to get pulled into the Christmas-Album-Suck albeit in different ways.  Dylan’s venture into Christmas land (mostly) sounds it came from the 1920s. When was the last time you heard anyone sing the Latin verse of “O Come All Ye Faithful” outside of a Christmas Eve Mass?  (Of course, I’m not entirely convinced that this album wasn’t some sort of weird joke by Dylan and meant to be listened to ironically.)  As for Cee-Lo, he attempts to conjure up the Ghosts of Christmas Soul, but once again the production makes the album feel a lifeless like the Christmas trees tossed on the curb-side around New Year’s.

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