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Let’s PLAY: After The Calm

ATCGroupShotWith only a few weeks left in the competition, we’re inching closer to finding out who will be playing the mainstage at this year’s Warped Tour.

This week, we introduce you to Phoenix rock group After The Calm. The five piece band have earned over 10,000 points and maintained a comfortable position in the top 10.

Learn more about these Arizona rockers by checking out our exclusive interview below. There you also find all the info you need to vote for After The Calm.

Infectious Magazine: What would it mean to you to perform at Warped Tour 2017?
After The Calm: This would mean the world. Any musician that attended warped as a kid knows the significance of it. Anyone that has ever doubted you realizes that this isn’t just a pipe dream anymore. You have the potential to make it. -David

IM: What is one thing you do that no other band does that makes you a unique choice for Warped?
ATC: One thing we have strived to do in this contest is challenge the music scene by supporting our competition. At the end of the day, only one band per state gets to play Warped Tour. Win or lose, we want to support those who are trying just as hard to make their dream a reality. -Kody

IM: Looking back at past Warped Tour’s that you have attended, what’s a memory that stands out the most?
ATC: I was watching Beartooth play their first year on the tour. During their song “I Have A Problem” Caleb Shomo, the vocalist, threw me the mic while I was crowd surfing and I got to scream the whole ending of the song! -Logan

IM: If you could do a headlining tour with two of the bands on this year’s Warped Tour, who would those bands be and why?
Silverstein because they have always had great music. It’s really hard to find bands that consistently sound good and never release a bad album. The Acacia Strain because I’ve always loved how heavy the guitars have sounded on their albums. The guitars are just so dirty and they pull you into the song with the interesting patterns and breakdowns. -Jon

IM: The vibe of Warped Tour shifts and grows with each passing year. Last year they brought back a ton of older bands, and this year Kevin Lyman wanted to take the tour back to its roots. What’s the next Warped Tour trend you hope to see?
ATCL I’m a 90’s kid so last year’s warped line-up was legit. I wouldn’t mind seeing more bands from early 2000’s taking the stage again. -David

IM: Each year, Warped Tour has the Think TEI workshops. If you could attend one of this year’s workshops, whose would it be? Also, if you had the opportunity to teach your own workshop, what would it be about?
ATC: Sam Bowden and Matt West from Neck Deep are holding “The Art of Riffing” this year and since I’m rhythm guitar I would love to talk to them about this. I love Neck Deep’s guitars and how they make their songs so catchy that they get stuck in your head. I’ve always been into heavier guitar so learning more pop/punk guitar would be a tremendous help. -Jon

IM: The music industry is a fast-paced world with lots of changes happening all the time. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be and why?
ATC: How you get on the radio is something that seems dated. With Spotify playlists making a huge impact on a band’s public awareness, it seems like the radio will eventually be in the hands of fans versus labels or an owner. -David

IM: Final comments or important information you would like to pass along to our readers?
ATC: We truly appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown us! This contest has proven to be a golden opportunity when it comes to networking and we couldn’t be more appreciative to be a part of something this big! In the last couple of weeks alone, we have met handfuls of the top bands from each state who share our compassion towards music. We look forward to meeting new people along this journey of ours. Thank you to the reader for giving us your time! -Kody

After The Calm is a five piece band from Glendale, Arizona that includes Logan Miracle on Vocals, Jon Habermacher on Rhythm, David Nunez on Lead, Henry Cota on Bass, and Kody Rattler on Drums. Their sound combines elements of Pop-Punk, Rock and Post-Hardcore. 

After the Calm has shared the stage with bands such as I See Stars, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Waterparks, and this years Warped Tour bands I Prevail and Too Close To Touch. They released their debut EP – Ignis Fatuus (iɡnəs ˈfaCHəwəs) in October of 2016.

Keep up with the band by following them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BandCamp

To vote for After The Calm in the Ernie Ball PLAY! Contest, click here


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