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Let’s PLAY: F For Effort

BandpicThe first date of Warped Tour ’17 is right around the corner and we’re getting closer and closer to finding out who will win spots to play the mainstage in the Ernie Ball PLAY! contest.

Currently sitting at the #2 spot is Wisconsin punk foursome F For Effort. Drawing influences from bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41, F For Effort is proving they are more than worthy of taking the mainstage just as those bands did before them.

Check out our exclusive interview with them below, and get all the info you need to keep them high in the rankings after the jump!

IM: What would it mean to you to perform at Warped Tour 2017?
F For Effort: It would give us hope. Playing at the Warped Tour would further fuel our ambition to bring punk back into the fray of the mainstream music industry.

IM: What is one thing you do that no other band does that makes you a unique choice for Warped?
FFE: We are humble. A founding member of F for effort is fighting a rare debilitating disease, (KT Syndrome) something Billy Corgan is familiar with. Every show is a test of strength for us, thus we play every show like it’s our last. We have been playing that way for over a decade. We know what it’s like to feel that you’ve been dealt a bad hand in life. To us music levels the playing field creating equal opportunity for anyone regardless of their disabilities.

IM: Looking back at past Warped Tour’s that you have attended, what’s a memory that stands out the most?
FFE: A memory that really stood out for me, Dustin Kube, was seeing my step-daughter meet the members of New Found Glory. Meeting them face to face was a dream of ours as they are very influential to our band. Seeing them interact with their fans in such a down to earth way is a model we strive to be like.

IM: If you could do a headlining tour with two of the bands on this year’s Warped Tour, who would those bands be and why?
FFE: If given the opportunity to tour with Warped Tour royalty, it would definitely be Bowling For Soup and The Ataris. We love engaging the crowds like it’s a comedy show. This would be a great fit with Bowling for Soup’s performance style. We are always striving to improve and playing with bands like these would be a great experience.

IM: The vibe of Warped Tour shifts and grows with each passing year. Last year they brought back a ton of older bands, and this year Kevin Lyman wanted to take the tour back to its roots. What’s the next Warped Tour trend you hope to see?
FFE: With trends constantly changing, we would like to see more bands with a similar kind of style as the “rooted” bands continue to emerge. Punk music is our passion and revitalizing it is our goal.

IM: Each year, Warped Tour has the Think TEI workshops. If you could attend one of this year’s workshops, whose would it be? Also, if you had the opportunity to teach your own workshop, what would it be about?
FFE: A TEI Workshop we would attend this year would be with Neck Deep ‘Building A Breakout Band”.
If we could have a TEI Workshop of our own, we would have a song writing session.

IM: The music industry is a fast-paced world with lots of changes happening all the time. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be and why?
FFE: If we could change one thing about the music industry today, we would take it back to the way it used to be. Back when bands would have to grind their way to the top without entitlement or reality T.V. We feel that the fight for the spotlight shows the heart of the musician and their music in its purest form.

IM: Final comments or important information you would like to pass along to our readers?
FFE: F for effort has always and will always stay true to its pop punk roots. Writing a song that gets stuck in your head is our goal. Early this summer we will be releasing our 4th EP: F For Effort White which is the first of two, five track EPs. On March 10th, we released our first single “Make It Right Now.” All of our music and merchandise can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Facebook.

F for Effort is a punk/ pop rock band founded by brothers Dexter and Dustin Kube in Watertown, Wisconsin. After moving to Eagle River, Wisconsin, Dex and Dustin wrote and released three albums; Public Indecency (2007), Minute Man (2008), and Collision Course (2010). All albums were recorded with Nick RadovanovicIn between recording periods, F for Effort has taken first place at Riverfest’s battle of the bands competition and played numerous local shows. Thanks to the opportunity given by John Ertl, they made their first appearance at Summerfest 2010.

In fall of 2016, F for Effort recorded their fourth EP album. It is now in its mastering stages. You can get a preview of the new sound by listening to the newly released single “Make It Right Now.” F for Effort will make their third consecutive appearance at Bastille Days 2017. Dates, times and location of performances will be announced very soon! 

“Make It Right Now” can be purchased or streamed on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, and Pandora Radio. 

Keep up with F For Effort by following them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BandCamp

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