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LIVE REVIEW: Face Everything And Rise Tour – Papa Roach, Rock City Nottingham UK

PapaRoachAs you might expect for a Papa Roach show, tickets for tonight sold out way in advance. After 20 years together and eight albums, the Roach have managed to gather just a few fans. They may still be yet to have anything with quite as much success as 2000’s Infest (home to a little song called “Last Resort” you may have heard before), but by no means have they been inconsistent. Each album is still pumped full of hit after hit, and this tour is in support of their latest release F.E.A.R. If you haven’t yet listened, we strongly suggest that you do. It can be purchased here and tickets for their tour can also be found here.

Fresh-faced London boys The One Hundred have the pleasure of opening up for this tour. They’re aggressive, rap-infused, heavy and most certainly genre-defying. Whilst this may confuse some, and in particular the old school fans present tonight, they’re extremely exciting to watch. Front man Jacob Field displays endless potential in his performance tonight, pacing the stage with command that far surpasses his experience. They wake Nottingham up, no doubt.

Following proceedings and hailing from Japan are Coldrain. The crowd are a little more at home with their sound; a more straightforward Metal approach. To some, they might seem like a toned down version of Crossfaith. One thing they certainly have in common is their ability to get the crowd going. They have energy in abundance and couldn’t have a tighter live sound, with Masato’s on-point vocals towering above the fans. What’s more, they play as if this could be a headline show of their own and leave the crowd in even more anticipation for the headliners.

For anyone that’s ever been to a Papa Roach gig, it’s clear just why there’s such a level of expectation. You know exactly what you’re going to get – a no-nonsense, sweaty, hard-hitting Rock performance. Not to mention, a set teeming with bangers and Alt classics. First, though, they open with a storming rendition of “Face Everything And Rise” – the new album’s title track. Its embraced like any of their other hits and all within the room quite frankly lose their shit. The same goes for the scattering of other new tracks that are showcased at Rock City tonight. It’s probably because of the absolute conviction that Jacoby Shaddix and his trusty band churn them out with, if nothing else. The melee of classics that are responsible for the majority of the set, though, send the crowd into chaos of a different sort entirely. The sing-alongs for “Between Angels And Insects”, “Scars” and “Lifeline” are colossal, too and take the now near-30 year olds right back to their teenage ‘Emo’ years.

There is one track that finds its way onto the setlist for this tour that’s a little bit more special. “Tightrope” had never been played in Nottingham until tonight, even throughout their countless appearances over the past 20 years. When Jacoby announces it, the room is filled with screams of surprise and excitement, followed by yet another insanely loud crowd rendition. Jacoby, as per, is pure entertainment in himself. Charisma pours from him (that might just be sweat, come to think of it. Hmm) and he’s a shining example of a natural frontman if ever there was one. He has the ability to create an exciting sort of intimacy that very few are capable of and still seems genuinely humbled to be performing to his fans. Papa Roach work as a well-rehearsed and smooth operating machine, delivering a sterling performance and never stepping a foot out of line. There’s a full Rock City “happy birthday” to Coldrain’s drummer Katsuma, a cheesy “every night on a Rock’n’Roll tour is like a Saturday night!” speech and an electrifying encore to round off a performance of the highest calibre.

This is, all in all, a typical Papa Roach show.

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