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HIMHere’s the thing about music. It is, in its most basic form an imprint. It makes an impression on your life, for better or worse, and it sticks with you throughout all of life’s greatest moments and heartaches. You will carry it with you throughout the trials and tribulations, quietly playing in the back of your mind, and when 5 years later you hear those songs again, you’ll be instantly transported back to those days. In this sense, music is without a doubt one of our most powerful triggers, our scariest addictions. Because without warning or care, music can instantly elate or cripple us. It’s fascinating.

So, when 6 years after hearing my first real dose of HIM I find myself at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, seeing HIM for the third time in my life, it’s in a lot of ways like I’m seeing them for the first—and truth be told, their performance has only improved over time.

Opening with a taste of their latest album, Tears On Tape,  the notes of “All Lips Go Blue” are the first to take hold of the audience, followed shortly by HIM staples such as “Buried Alive By Love,” “Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly,” and “Join Me In Death.”

The crowd goes crazy, but there is no shortage of energy as the band introduces newer material, such as “Into The Night,” or old loves like “It’s All Tears.”

However, it is personal favorites, “Right Here in My Arms,” “Funeral Of Hearts,” and a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” that capture the night in essence for me.  Instantly transported back in time, it’s impossible not to get swept up in the evening.

But here’s the other thing about music. It not only transports you back in time, taking you away on a wave of nostalgia, but it also has the keen ability to create new memories, new moments to feel nostalgia for one day far into the future. And as I stand in the venue, taken in to the past, yet rooted in the present, I know these too will only be memories one day. And I know that the next time I hear these songs, be it in my car, on my iPod, or at their next live show, it will be this night that I’m thinking of, and longing for. And I can’t wait.

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