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LIVE REVIEW: Innings Festival

The best part about music festivals is the wide variety of bands you get to see in one spot. Innings Festival was no exception. This was the first year for this festival in Tempe, Arizona and it could not have been more perfect. For those that have never been to Arizona in March, it is baseball fan heaven. Between the sporting events and the great weather, it is truly a destination for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Day one was a great introduction to the vibe the weekend would bring. Sponsors like Malibu Rum and Glenfiddich Whisky had booths and experiences for people that wanted to take a break from the music. Friday brought out more of the rock n’ roll crowd with acts that included Queens of the Stone Age, Young the Giant and Mondo Cozmo.

Saturday was more of a modge-podge of acts that included The Avett Brothers, The Decemberists, The Main Squeeze and homegrown boys in Gin Blossoms. Saturday the 24th was also the date of the nationally observed March for Your Life, with Phoenix hosting approximately 15,000 people downtown. The Decemberists dedicated their new song “Everything is Awful” to the people that were at the event.

Likewise, a big draw for Sunday night was Dispatch, hailing from Middlebury, VT had actually attended the march and dedicated their song “Dear Congress” to the students that organized the events across the country. They created a video with features from their set and the march and released it just a few days after their performance. Dispatch was a unique addition to the lineup for the final day as most of the acts, including the headliner were leaning more towards the country side of music genres.

All in all, the festival was wonderful experience that appealed to families and music lovers of all ages. With food trucks, local vendors, and food and bartending competitions, this event will be a wonderful draw for years to come.

Keep an eye on the Innings Festival Facebook for announcements and more coverage and highlights. Take a look at the video for Dispatch’s performance and experience at the march in Phoenix.




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